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Check Out Eloops Content Recommendations For June

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6 Tips To Boost Employee Engagement Through Your Communications

Employee engagement is a crucial dimension of organizational success. When employees are positively engaged, companies experience lower turnover and lower absentee rates. As ever more employees are now transitioning into a remote or hybrid work environment, effective communication and using the right employee … Read More

Working at Eloops: an intern’s perspective

Summertime is intern season at Eloops when our team becomes a little younger and even more fun with the addition of one or two college students. Last summer, we welcomed Sam Miles, a marketing major at Ohio State University. We … Read More

5 Things You Didn’t Know You Could Gamify For Your Workforce

Employee experience gamification provides a unique way to boost engagement and improve all round performance across your entire workforce. Game mechanisms can be leveraged to influence behaviors, streamline processes, deepen connection, and deliver important information you want to embed. Our … Read More

Internal Communications Your Employees Will Actually Look Forward To

As we move past the tumultuous events of the early 2020s, employee engagement is of paramount importance. When workers feel a personal connection to the business, they’re more inclined to do their best work. That’s where internal communications come into … Read More

Interns Sharing Thoughts – My Eloops Experience

As part of our on-going efforts to bring in talented team members and people that will help us grow and spread the word – we work with interns from all around the world. Our interns join us for 2-4 months … Read More

Meet Our Employee Engagement Expert: Heather Harris

The experts behind Eloops: Heather Harris During her early career in advertising and business consultancy, Heather got up close and personal with numerous global brand-owning and service companies as well as a vast range of organizations of all kinds. She … Read More

How to make the most of your employee engagement platform

As managers, what do we yearn for? Happy and satisfied employees who stay for long and are proud to be part of the organization, thus making them our best ambassadors. Does your employee engagement platform help you to achieve it? … Read More

Go Virtual or Go Home – 5 Virtual Activities to Boost Employee Engagement

Mega company events—who doesn’t love them? But they take time to plan, cost a lot, and can be a logistical headache. And while they can bring departments, divisions, or branches together, if your team is distributed and spread across several … Read More

Employee experience is a team sport – Here’s how you play it

Whether your company offers a product or a service, chances are that user (or service) experience is something that you (or someone else at your company—maybe even a whole team) are thinking about on a daily, maybe even hourly, basis. … Read More