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We're building a better
world of work

Our mission

Communicating with and engaging your entire workforce is a challenge, especially in today's remote/distributed work environment. Our mission is to help our customers reach, connect and engage all their employees, no matter where they are.

We love content & understand rewards

We use our expertise in gamification and apply passion for content to help companies deliver communications that employees love and look forward to

Our culture

We walk the talk

With employees spread across 4 countries and 3 timezones, we use Eloops everyday to communicate, connect and engage our distributed workforce.

Our values


Be real. Have no fear of speaking about issues or failures. Be open to giving and receiving feedback and constructive criticism.


We are a high performing team. We know how to leverage our collective genius. We learn from each other. We ask each other for help and we give it. None of us is smarter than all of us.

Be Our Best Selves

Seek to make your best possible contribution to our whole. Actively seek to learn & grow, always and in all ways.


Innovation is just a word unless it's an active driving force. We challenge ourselves and we push ourselves. We apply our creative energy to push boundaries, so we can lead the field and win.

Enjoy the Ride

Let's have fun at work - we help thousands of employees enjoy their work every day so let's enjoy ours. We understand that we all need to work, rest & play.


If it's to be it's up to me. We take responsibility for our words, actions & results. We are professionals with high standards. Others can 100% trust us to get it right or put it right.

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