Employee Engagement Platform

From the Great Attrition to the Great Attraction: 6 Ways to Cultivate Belonging in the Workplace

Employees are quitting their jobs in record numbers, and according to recent research from McKinsey & Company, most employers don’t understand why. Employers say attrition is due to inadequate pay, poor health, or lack of family-life balance. But the top … Read More

5 Things You Didn’t Know You Could Gamify For Your Workforce

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Internal Communications Your Employees Will Actually Look Forward To

As we move past the tumultuous events of the early 2020s, employee engagement is of paramount importance. When workers feel a personal connection to the business, they’re more inclined to do their best work. That’s where internal communications come into … Read More

Grow Your Engagement Opportunities – How To Make The Most Of Your Employee Engagement App

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Highlighting Innovation In Your Employee Engagement Platform

Companies around the globe are constantly creating new ways for us to interact with and experience our world. Innovation Day celebrates the intrepid explorers of new ideas and what their work changes about our future. Most particularly right now, we … Read More

How to Power-Up Your Employee Engagement Platform With Pulse Surveys

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Why Your Employee Engagement Platform Needs To Be Emotionally Intelligent

Many are facing the challenge of maintaining a positive work culture in the context of our part-virtual/part-physical, increasingly distributed workplaces of today, through the use of an employee engagement platform of some kind. This calls for us to extend our … Read More

All Work & No Play? The Importance Of Fun At Work

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Working From Home – How To Support Your Employees

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Common Characteristics Of Innovative Companies

Today’s up-and-coming job candidates are looking for different things than we might have in decades past. While there’s still a clear appreciation for things like established company structure, growth opportunity, and career stability, young graduates and people who are new … Read More