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The right tool for every task

Update, train and educate your workforce, collect employee feedback, implement activities or promote your initiatives. Eloops has the tools you need to get the job done. 

Employee engagement features quiz
Employee engagement features skills survey
Employee engagement features happiness at work survey
Employee engagement features form
Employee engagement features calm down challenge


Gamify each tool to boost interaction

Enhance Eloops' employee engagement features with gamification. Add timers, leaderboards and competitions. Incentivize participation with company coins.

Employee engagement features and gamification tools - win, leaderboard, wallet

Surveys & Polls

Make better decisions

Use surveys to:

  • Give your employees a voice
  • Collect feedback
  • Check the pulse of your organization
  • Measure the impact of your initiatives
  • Promote greater disclosure with anonymous polls

Gamify: reward participation with coins.

Employee engagement features - creating surveys
Employee engagement features- creating quizzes


Make learning fun!

Use quizzes for:

  • Training & professional material
  • Thought-provoking content about teamwork, motivation, or work efficiency
  • Fun trivia about the company or popular culture

Gamify: add a timer and leaderboards to motivate and promote healthy competition.


Build community & align with your goals

Use challenges to:

  • Promote your initiatives
  • Make your messages go viral
  • Encourage sharing on your social feed
  • Make tasks fun for your workforce

Gamify: reward participation with coins, reward the winner with an extra prize.

Employee engagement features - creating challenges
Employee engagement features - posting on social feed

Social Feed

Connect, engage, and delight!

Use the social feed to:

  • Communicate with employees in the way they’ve come to expect
  • Provide a consumer-grade experience
  • Generate connection by inviting employees to post, comment & share
  • Reinforce company values and enhance your initiatives

Gamify: reward posts, comments, and likes with coins.


Streamline your operations

Use forms to:

  • Collect employee data
  • Facilitate operational tasks
  • Confirm employees are informed about policies & procedures

Gamify: reward completion with coins.

Employee engagement features - creating forms
Employee engagement features - p2p employee recognition

peer-to-peer recognition

Spread good vibes!

Use p2p recognition to:

  • Encourage employees to recognize each other
  • Reinforce company values and strengthen the sense of belonging
  • Discover the most influential and helpful people in your company

Automated Onboarding

Easily onboard employees

Use automated onboarding to:

  • Send personalized messages and collect information from new employees
  • Create an engagement journey for new employees, including activities that facilitate integration into the team
  • Send surveys throughout the first 6 months to monitor the process

Gamify: reward participation with coins.

Employee engagement features - automated onboarding
Measure engagement - obtain detailed reports & insights


Measure & optimize

Use insights to:

  • Measure the number of interactions per employee & department
  • Drill down to view performance per feature
  • Recognize trends and measure the impact of specific efforts

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