Gamification In The Workplace

Employee experience gamified

Gamification in the workplace works! Boost engagement with game mechanics and rewards

Gamification in the workplace works

Employee experience gamified

Gamification in the workplace works

Gamification in the workplace works! Boost engagement with game mechanics and rewards

the benefits of gamification in the workplace

Studies show that gamification in the workplace benefits business
by positively impacting employee engagement, motivation & productivity

  • 60%

    Increase in employee engagement as a result of gamification training features

  • 72%

    Of employees say that gamification motivates them to work harder

  • 50%

    Improved productivity because of gamification training features

  • 71%

    Of employees believe that gamification leads to an increase in energy levels

  • 87%

    Of employees feel more socially connected because of game elements at work

how gamification works

A powerful loop of anticipation,
participation & reward

Gamified activities provide users with instant gratification and make them seek a repeat

Why gamification in the workplace works: loop of anticipation, activity and reward

turn your communications into engagement boosters

Gamification can turn any internal communication into a powerful engagement booster. With Eloops, all you'll need to do is follow these 4 simple steps.


Use one of our hundreds of content templates for every need or easily create your own


Set the number of coins you want employees to receive for engaging with your communication

best channels

Select your audience by name or segment and the best channels for your message


Review the activity graph and see your KPIs (opens, clicks, views, shares and completions) soar

Gamify your internal communications
Example of gamification in the workplace: upon completing a survey, employees receive coins and confetti

Adding game mechanics & rewards with Eloops

Company Coins
Reward employee interactions with your own branded company coin

Reward Store
Allow employees to redeem the coins they’ve earned for cashless items, company swag, or gift cards

Make activities such as quizzes even more fun for your workforce by having them compete against the clock

Encourage some healthy competition among your employees by adding leaderboards

Gamify employee experience at your company

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