Internal Communication Content Marketplace

Internal communication content marketplace

An ever-expanding collection of pre-made content templates for your every need

Internal Communication Content Marketplace

Internal communication content marketplace

Internal Communication Content Marketplace

An ever-expanding collection of pre-made content templates for your every need

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Hundreds of catalogued internal communication content templates covering every relevant topic & need

Streamline operations

Form and survey templates to help you streamline your operational tasks: sick leave, personal info updates, Covid-19 declarations, event registration and more!

Internal communication content marketplace - streamline operations
Internal communication content marketplace - boost employee wellness

Boost employee wellness

Promote and reinforce your wellness program. Help your people take care of their bodies & minds with our full range of wellness challenges, quizzes, and tips.

Cultivate company culture

Retain & attract the best employees by aligning your workforce with your company values and strengthening your employer brand.

Internal communication cultivate culture
Internal communication content marketplace - build community

Build community

Bolster team spirit, build connections across your organization, and make everyone feel included. We have a wide range of content items to help!

Encourage growth

Help your employees develop both professionally & personally. Use our collection of easy-to-consume and engaging content items that supply insights, tips and suggestions.

Internal communication content marketplace - encourage growth
Internal communication content marketplace - mark special days

Mark special days

Engage your employees with content that’s relevant to them and their outside communities. From Thanksgiving and Valentines to Martin Luther King Jr. Day, we have you covered!

Community contributions

Our internal communication content marketplace is enhanced by contributions from HR and Internal Communications professionals like you. Explore & use hundreds of content items created by our amazing customers

Contributions to the Eloops internal communication content marketplace by Eloops customers

All the formats you need

Select the content format that suits the goal of your internal communication


Promote your initiatives, from wellness to team-building, in a fun and engaging way


Happiness at work, organizational improvement, recognition preferences, and more!


Make learning fun, generate company pride, and encourage growth with our gamified quizzes


Our collection includes event registration, friend referral, sick leave, vacation request, and more!

Social Posts

Communicate with your employees in the way they've come to expect


Use multichannel updates to keep all your employees in the loop, no matter where they are

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