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Explore how our customers are using Eloops's engagement & communication platform to boost employee engagement and connect their entire workforce

NGF Europe

NGF Europe Limited uses Eloops to bridge the gap between all employees, giving everyone an equal opportunity to get engaged

Mind springs health

Learn how Mind Springs Health, the leading mental & behavioral health network on the western slope in Colorado, engaged their employees while their sites were shut down.


Within one year of using Eloops, Hertz is already describing their app as the “Town Hall” of the company – the app has become a sharing hub buzzing with engaged employees.


Find out how ELC boost engagement and connection to their company mission and values for their 600+ employees across numerous locations.


Watch our latest webinars to learn about Eloops and how engage and communicate your employees most effectively

Captain D's success story

We interviewed Captain D's Eloops admins and explored how Eloops has helped them improve employee training, boost engagement and increase retention.


Today's distributed/hybrid workforce presents a unique challenge: how do you ensure employees are engaged, aligned with your objectives, and connected through your company culture? In this webinar we explore how our gamified approach to this challenge is working for our customer, Dr. Amy Gallagher of Mind Springs Health.


We interviewed some of our customers in our webinar on engagement and gamification. Hear what they had to say about using Eloops’s range of gamification tools and unique content to boost engagement.

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