What kind of employee engagement platform do you need?

An employee engagement platform is crucial in building and retaining motivated, productive, and successful workforces.  

Beyond driving productivity and performance, this kind of solution can help improve workplace experience, boost employee morale, and align your workforce with your culture and values. 

Employee engagement platform available options

To choose an employee engagement platform that’s right for your business, you need to be familiar with the two main kinds of solutions that are available and the different ways in which they can contribute to employee, team and business success. 

What kinds of employee engagement platforms are available?

Platforms for understanding engagement 

Companies use these employee engagement platforms to understand how employees feel about things that matter to them and to the company, how they are developing internally and how they are performing. These platforms help companies make better decisions about their people and people management strategy.

Platforms for boosting engagement  

Companies use these platforms to increase the number of meaningful touchpoints with their employees and create opportunities for connection and alignment. These platforms help companies create  interactions that  improve employee engagement by connecting employees to the company culture, mission and goals. 

Employee engagement platform for understand engagement or for boosting engagement

Platforms for understanding engagement

The offering of this kind of employee engagement platform

As the goal is to understand engagement, the main features will be measurement tools.


First things first. The best thing to do if you want to understand people, is to ask them. One of the basic features in this kind of employee engagement platform is engagement surveys. You will find pre-made surveys and you will also be able to create your own.


Asking is not enough. It’s important to pose the right questions to the right people, at the right time. Automations will allow you to easily enhance each employee’s journey with one-time or recurring (weekly, monthly, quarterly and annual) surveys for the right moment in each employee’s journey. An example is a set of onboarding surveys sent periodically during an employee’s first months with the company.


Ok. It worked. Now you have a vast amount of important data and the challenge is to read it with ease. The right analytics tool will allow you to understand how employees feel in your company, and what they really think about the people and business, all of which is crucial to your company’s success.

AI Suggestions

Now’s the time to improve things. Platforms whose main focus is to understand your current engagement will be able to suggest action items to improve your company. Some of the actions are easy to implement, while others  may require a great deal of time and resources. What you do at this point will depend on the way you’re taking decisions and actions in your organization.


In sum, employee engagement platforms designed to understand engagement allow you to measure and predict things before they become your culture, and get smart suggestions to improve engagement

Why you need it

To get a clear picture of the human side of your organization.


Before you act, you need to see the whole picture and understand what’s not working. That’s not easy – especially in today’s evolving work environment, with people working hybrid or changing workplaces more often. You need to think fast, track and optimize, every day.

What's missing

The actions. If you would like to improve your employee engagement and make sure people are more connected, motivated and aligned, you probably need additional resources…

Platforms for boosting employee engagement

The offering of this kind of employee engagement platform​

The mission of this kind of platform is to help companies boost the number of meaningful  interactions with their employees and create an awesome employee experience that strengthens each employee’s emotional connection to the company.

This kind of employee engagement platform also drives performance and productivity since when employees have strong emotional connections to the company they tend to be more productive and perform better every day. 

Social Feed

This helps your people interact and communicate in a public way. This feature is crucial in ensuring everyone knows what’s important now and what’s happening with  your people and business. It showcases what’s special about your team, makes employees feel like they’re part of an amazing group, and helps drive sense of belonging.

Employee Recognition

The ability to recognize employees every day and in many ways is a key feature that helps companies thanks their people and reward them for their personal and professional achievements and attributes. There are features that allow for peer-to-peer recognition and public recognition (Kudos). Being recognized is a valuable moment for an employee and an employee recognition feature makes it easy for the whole company to give recognition, thereby boosting this kind of interaction.


The best employee engagement platforms use gamification to incentivize employees to interact and participate in different initiatives. Game mechanics such as leaderboards, badges, earning a virtual company coin, and more make everything much engaging and fun.  


Boosting engagement is not enough either. Companies want to understand what causes their employees to take action. What interests them? What do they appreciate and recognize in their peers? Which employees get recognized the most? And of course, companies also need to understand where and with whom they are losing connection.

Why you need it

To launch, run and promote your people initiatives at scale. Employers who seek to connect their employees to company culture, promote wellness, encourage growth, or boost sense of belonging, will find it easy to do so using an employee engagement platform focused on creating and boosting engagement. Platforms of this kind provide an important touchpoint between the company and each employee, no matter how large or distributed the workforce happens to be.

What's missing

Though these platforms provide you with engagement data and insights, they do not provide suggested action items.

Employee engagement platform - boosting engagement


Understanding and boosting engagement are crucial components of any employee retention strategy. Whether you choose to invest in an employee engagement platform for understanding engagement or one for boosting engagement depends on your resources, what you would like to achieve, and the kinds of tools you already have today. 

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