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The vast Eloops Marketplace of pre-made content templates has all you need to meet all of your employee engagement goals this Summer!

Here are our hot picks for August:

  • You can make the most of all aspects of the summer season to keep your employees engaged and having fun together. Here are content items that embrace the activities, the locations and the sounds of summer! And you can be sure they contain a mountain of fun facts, trivia, audio clips & stunning visuals.

    Whatever their style or format, quizzes have super-charged engagement value as they provide not only a few minutes of enjoyable lighten-up time, they are also an opportunity to generate some good-natured healthy competition between workmates.

    Dive into the Upcoming area of your marketplace to find a bumper crop of summer-themed quizzes in a variety of styles to choose from.

    Plus – two additional intriguing opportunities to make use of our quiz format to inform & broaden your employees knowledge in a highly engaging way.
  • Supporting the Wellness of your employees is always ‘in season’. Quizzes further demonstrate their usefulness here! They are a smart way to impart helpful information with a light-touch.

    Sharing tips on how to stay cool is vital as temperatures are soaring worldwide this summer & the opportunity to promote consumption of health-boosting fruits that are now at their best is not to be missed.
  • When it comes to strengthening culture our ‘challenge’ content type is the ideal way to encourage the sharing that does this. We have challenges for your employees to share their experiences & their pets, activities in which they can get their kids involved (it is summer after all!), & for them to recommend things they find interesting to each other. Photo challenges are especially fun and inviting workmates to recognize each other for the positive impact of their presence fits perfectly with the sunny days of summer.
Eloops Hot Picks - Culture content for August
  • We’re always on a mission to save you time & assist in streamlining your HR Operations, and summertime is no different! This month you will find additions in the marketplace to help you evaluate how well your app is being received post-launch, plus 2 helpful forms designed to make it easy for you gather the information needed to customize the most highly engaging ‘in-the-loop’ content items for your workforce.
HR content for August

Full List of Hot Picks for August

Seasonal/Upcoming Hot Picks

  • August Quiz
  • Summertime Quiz
  • Secret Vacation Spots Quiz
  • Theme Parks Quiz
  • Beaches Quiz
  • Summer Songs Quiz
  • Kobe Bryant Day Quiz (8/24)
  • Ganesh Chaturthi Quiz (8/31)

Wellness Hot Picks

  • Stay Cool Quiz
  • Summer Fruits Quiz

Culture Hot Picks

  • Dogs & Cats Photo Show Challenge
  • Cocktails & Mocktails Challenge
  • Show Us Your August Challenge
  • Share Your Favorite Podcast Challenge
  • Ray of Sunshine Recognition Challenge

HR Operations

  • Post App-Launch Survey
  • Meet The Team – Information Form
  • Get To Know Our Office/Location – Information Form
Eloops Summer Hot Picks - Trending

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