Employee Engagement Platform

Boost employee engagement easily

Motivate, recognize, and communicate with your entire workforce using a single employee engagement platform.

Employee engagement platform dashboard

Boost employee engagement easily

Employee engagement platform dashboard

Motivate, recognize, and communicate with your entire workforce using a single employee engagement platform.

An employee engagement platform that goes beyond measurement

Eloops makes it easy for companies not only to measure but also to boost employee engagement. Use Eloops to communicate with 100% of your workforce and strengthen each employee's emotional connection to the organization.

Employee engagement solution - pre-made content marketplace

save time

Pre-made content

Choose from a vast and always-expanding selection of pre-made templates to suit all your communication needs. You can also easily create your own items.

Incentivize interaction

Virtual coins & gamification

Create a branded company coin. Allow your employees to win and accumulate coins by engaging with your communications.

Employee engagement solution - incentives and gamification
Employee engagement solution - virtual reward store

reward & Recognize

Reward Store & P2P

Spread recognition across your organization using our Peer-To-Peer Recognition feature. Allow employees to redeem their coins for a wide range of gifts: popular gift cards, company swag and cashless 'experience' items.

Maximize open rates

One-click multichannel delivery

Send your communication via email, SMS, push notification or the instant messaging channel your employees are using. All from one place.

Employee engagement solution - multichannel delivery of employee communications
Employee engagement solution - detailed reports & insights

measure engagement

Detailed reports & insights

Measure the performance of each communication. Get the full picture with our activity graph. Track your KPIs: opens, clicks, views, shares and completions.

What our customers are saying

Eloops' employee engagement platform is helping these companies reach their business goals

“Eloops is the best way for us to connect our diverse and multi-generational workforce through our values and company culture.”

Customer success - Captain D's
Sonja Hamilton
HR Manager at Captain D's
“Not only does Eloops provide a great platform to engage our employees but their pre-made content is a game-changer for us.”

Customer Success - Mind Spring Health
Amy C. Gallagher
VP at Mind Springs Health
“Of course, there's only one me, but thanks to Eloops, I'm now accessible and can effectively reach our 8,000 employees.”

Customer Success - Matrix
Michelle Dor
HR Manager, Matrix

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