Your Own Branded App.
Your Own Social Network.

Make employees proud and valued with a social network made just for them.
Get (much) more, at a fraction of the cost of a custom developed app.

How It Works

It's fast and easy to get your own branded app ready to be published.

Name your private network, upload logo, graphics, manage content and invite your team to instantly preview your app.

Submit For Review

Once you and your team are happy with your app, we'll do our magic and your app will be submitted to the app stores.

Publish & Invite People

Your private social network app is now ready. It's time to spread the word out with our built-in communication tools.


Manage your app, feeds, media, members, update content on-the-fly or invite additional admins to manage your network.


Boost engagement with social feeds, live messages, events, contests and unique challenges between employees and branches.


Connect between employees, branches and continents with members profiles, employee directory, private chats and more.


Get powerful, real-time insights you need to better understand your employees' needs, vibe and build a greater workplace.

Everything you and your employees need in one magical platform


Create events and invite members with a click of a button. Members can RSVP and join a private event feed to view event information, connect with other attendees and share moments before, at and after the event.

Private Social Feeds

Members can post photos, videos and posts to the private social feed and "like" or comment on items. Feed can be projected to big screens live.

Live Polls & Surveys

Create polls and surveys to get instant feedback from your employees and make better decisions based on live, real-time input and feedback from your members.


Send live SMS, email and push notifications or schedule messages for future delivery. Measure opens, views and the engagement with messages you send.

Gamified Experience

Run unique challenges, contests, photo contests, outdoor activities, quizzes, leader boards and everything you need for a true gamified and engaging experience at your workplace.

Employee perks and benefits

List deals, benefits, perks and notify members at their birthdays or special events of exclusive offers directly inside your app. Use polls to ask your employees what they want or need.

A private, exclusive community

Gather people and employees in to a private, exclusive community. Let them be part of something new, unique and engaging. Let them feel valued.

Reporting & Statistics

Real-time statistics to understand employees' needs, engagement and get valuable feedback. Get a better understanding of your office vibe and get the data you need to build a greater workplace.

Unlimited Admins & Moderators

Invite additional admins and managers to manage your app or assign moderators to help you control and filter the social feeds.

Is a private social network right for you and your employees?

You probably deal with the pains of planning and managing events a few times a year

We're introducing an easier way to manage events, invite employees and capture the engagement and fun at events with private social feeds made just for the events.

You're looking for ways to run challenges and engaging activities in your company

With Eventloops you can run challenges, contests, outdoor activities and type of activity that could benefit from the use of a mobile app that every employee has.

You have employees spread in different locations and maybe event different countries

Distance is not a barrier anymore and all your employees are connected to their own private social network that you created.

You are proud of your employees and you think they deserve a private social network made just for them.

Connect your employees to a one-of-a-kind, private and exclusive community they can be proud of. Let them feel unique and valued

You're looking for ways to boost engagement and connect employees to your brand and company culture.

A private branded social network would do just that and empower opportunities that reach well beyond your app. Give employees a way to express themselves, be heard and feel part of a unique and engaged community.

Have questions?

What is EventLoops and why should I use it?

EventLoops is a unique, private social network built just for your event and your organization. Connect and engage with your employees, community and people in a powerful, yet private social network. You can run your network inside the EventLoops app or get your own branded mobile app released to the app stores. It's easy to get started, try us :)

How much does it cost?

We provide plans to match our customers needs. You can check out our pricing page for more information. If you feel our pricing is not fit for your need, contact us and we'll be happy to provide you with a custom quote.

What happens if someone uploads an inappropriate photo?

We've thought of everything and we got your covered! There are few methods to prevent such scenarios:
  • You can assign "event moderators" that will receive a push notification everytime a photo is uploaded and will need to approve/reject the photo before it's uploaded to your event albums.
  • Every photo can be flagged as "inappropriate" directly from the app. All event moderators will also get a push notification for their approval and the photo will instantly be hidden.
  • You can disable/enable automatic uploads or have photos approved manually before their shared to the rest of the guests.
  • Photos can be managed in real-time in your event dashboard. You can delete, reject and approve photos directly from the dashboard.
  • In case you need real-time human photo filtering, pelase contact us at [email protected] We offer live human filtering during your events if all the above is not enough for you.

How can I communicate with my members and audiences?

We've built a powerful, yet simple to use messaging platform. You can easily send mass messages to your network by SMS, email & push notifications directly to the app. You can also schedule future messages and send real-time, push messages during events and when you want your members to receive important updates and announcements. You can send messages to specific guests, groups, segments or use our different filters to make sure the right message gets delivered to the right audience.

What kind of uses can EventLoops be used for?

Our customers use us for all sort of different needs. From exclusive, private events to large, city-wide public events. Most of our customers are organizations, group leaders, brand embassadors and community managers. Just imagine what your own private social network can be used for and try us out ;)

How can I get people to download and join my private social network?

We've made it super easy and efficient to let your guests know about your event app:
  • Send custom generated invites by SMS.
  • Send custom generated invites by Email.
  • Share and invite people from Facebook.
  • Invite your Twitter followers.
  • You can have members invite each other by WhatsApp, Facebook Twitter, Email, SMS and a QR code.
  • You get your own private event link to share with anyone you wish.
  • Print a QR code we generate for you and have people scan it to join your network.

Are there any limits/hidden fees?

We belive that in order to take full advantage of your private social network, there shouldn't be any limitations to what can be done or shared and therefor do not limit the number of people, posts, photos or videos that can be shared inside on your social feed.

How can EventLoops help me generate revenues?

We've made it super easy to collect payments inside your app. Whether it's tickets your selling or branded physical goods, you can simply sell it inside your app. Contact us for more information about in-app payments and purchases.

Do people need to download anything to their phones?

We provide you with an Android, iOS and HTML (mini-site) version of your private social network. In order to fully experience and engage with other people, we strongly suggest downloading the app. The more people join your private social network, the better the experience would be for everyone.

How long is my private social network app active?

The free plan allows you to run and operate your private social network for 6 months with an option to extend. Paid plans are provided for at least a year with an option to easily extend as required.

Where is all the media hosted and can we download it?

You can download all photos and videos shared in your app with a click of a button. All media is hosted securely on our powerful, content delivery networks at Amazon.

I have more questions, who can I speak to?

Just contact us directly via chat by clicking on the bottom right "?" button. An EventLoops rep will shortly be with you. You can also contact us by email or phone from the contact us section on our website.