Best Employee Engagement Content

Best Employee Engagement Content of 2022 from Eloops

As we approach the end of the year, we have been reviewing how the pre-made employee engagement content we continuously create & make available to our customers has ‘worked’ over the past 12 months.

In the early stages of Eloops’s existence, we realized that creating a platform guaranteed to reach 100% of a company’s employees was not enough! Keeping employees engaged is an ongoing challenge, so we make it our mission not only to save our customers’ time but also to ensure they NEVER run out of ideas for ways to achieve their engagement goals with the vast marketplace of content items that is a core part of our product.

Read on to find out what our engagement activity insights reveal has worked best to generate interactions that are meaningful for both employees and their organizations during a year characterized by a not insignificant measure of workforce instability.

1. November Quiz

Our November Quiz represents not just one item but, at this point, 12! Every month our customers’ employees have very enthusiastically enjoyed competing to get to the top of their leaderboard by showing off their knowledge on a broad range of topics one way or another linked to the month they are in.

Best Employee Engagement Content of 2022 from Eloops - November Quiz

2. Capture The Sunset Challenge

Our challenges are designed to encourage sharing because we know that sharing is the route to building connection & generating an all-important sense of belonging for today’s distributed workforces. We have come to understand that sharing experiences in nature is particularly powerful at achieving participation.

Best Employee Engagement Content of 2022 from Eloops - Sunset

3. Teamwork Makes The Dream Work

Being helped to grow often tops the lists of what employees are most looking for as part of their employee experience. We have developed a suite of ‘insights’ quizzes that present thought-provoking questions with educational & insightful answers, designed to develop & grow people’s understanding of well-researched workplace subjects. This type of content is proven to doubly benefit both employees & their organizations, and we have found one of the most popular to be on the topic of teamwork.

4. Wear Pink Challenge

Providing a way for employees to demonstrate support for a cause is powerful as it not only generates ‘collective’ engagement that bonds the workforce. It also builds and strengthens corporate culture in a way that benefits the company. Our customers also had access to content items that facilitated donations & promoted the importance of early detection via a quiz format to schedule for Breast Cancer Awareness month this past October.

Best Employee Engagement Content of 2022 from Eloops - Wear Pink Challenge

5. Pizza (Day) Quiz

Food, glorious food! The subject is broad, deep & delicious, and we see that content that is food-related never fails to generate high engagement, whether a quiz or a challenge, or a survey. We have discovered that a great array of foods have special days devoted to them too, which increases their engagement value when scheduled at that time. Our Pizza Quiz is, of course, relevant at any time of year (it is one of the world’s most popular foods) though we noticed super-high participation when it ran on Pizza Day on February 9th this year!

Best Employee Engagement Content of 2022 from Eloops - Pizza Quiz

6. Stay Well This Winter

Every company wants to support the wellness of its workforce but needs to avoid being preachy or parental. Our ‘wellness’ content items in quiz (& challenge) formats have been designed as a fun way to get employees thinking AND deliver important insights & reminders about how to stay well. Our Winter item, of course, also has a Summer counterpart!

7. Anyone For Tennis?

Interest in types of sports is a known community/tribe builder, and with worldwide as well as national tournaments and competitions occurring throughout the year, there are plenty of opportunities to build highly-engaging content around them. Whether they were watching the entire 2-week event or tuning in on the final weekend only, we found our customers’ employees loved our Wimbledon quiz.

Best Employee Engagement Content of 2022 from Eloops - Tennis Quiz

8. How Were Your First 3 Months With Us?

A key predictor of optimal employee retention has been identified as a successful onboarding experience. Ensuring new employees feel welcome, have everything they need & are starting to understand your culture & values & master their responsibilities is vital. Our suite of feedback surveys is designed to make it easy for you to check & give your employees a voice at specific milestones of their journey with you.

Best Employee Engagement Content of 2022 from Eloops - Onboarding Survey

9. Disney Quiz

It’s no surprise that, like all of our Disney-related content items (from a challenge to dress up as a favorite character to a quiz celebrating Mickey Mouse’s birthday), this Disney Quiz was extremely popular. Not only is Disney universal, but Disney is also universally known & loved. Moreover, anything Disney-related opens up the opportunity for the little people in employees’ lives also to get involved.

Best Employee Engagement Content of 2022 from Eloops - Disney Quiz

Eloops customers have 24/7 access to our vast content marketplace of pre-made items to meet every occasion & need. The marketplace is continually refreshed & specific items are suggested to run when they are known to have greatest potential to generate best participation.

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