Eloops Team Building Activity - Scavenger Hunt in Ikea

How I Used Eloops to Create an Amazing Team Building Activity for Our Team

I want to share my experience as the admin of Loopers, our team’s Eloops app. Yes, we use Eloops internally as well! 

When my teammates from HR planned our company trip this past summer, they asked me what I thought we should do on the trip. Together we decided on the general location and picked out a restaurant where we’d all eat. But we also wanted to include a team building activity.  

How we came up with the idea for our team building activity


Last company trip, we went hiking. All of us were together, walking alongside a river and talking for hours. But this time, we planned the event for August, and it’s SUPER HOT where we are.

We needed a fantastic team building activity and air-conditioning. So I suggested a scavenger hunt in IKEA! (There was also some stuff for the office we had to buy. So, two birds…) 

Eloops Team Building Activity - team work makes the dream work

How we used Eloops to create our team building activity

As an admin of our company app, I wanted to leverage the app to make our trip a success. We used the Eloops Surveys feature to have everyone vote on the best date for the day trip. And I thought the Challenges feature in Eloops would be perfect for our IKEA scavenger hunt

Eloops Team Building Activity - Planning using Surveys

One of my teammates from HR and I went to IKEA a few days before the company trip, and we planned 30 different in-app challenges together. We took pictures, wrote tasks and clues, and scheduled all of our challenges to appear in the social feed of our company app right when we got to IKEA. 

To kick off the competition, the team divided into pairs, each with one hour to complete as many challenges as possible. We assigned each challenge a different amount of coins as rewards, and we waited till the end to see who won the most.

Loopers playing around in Ikea

How our team felt about our team building activity

Everyone on the team agreed: “When you said we were going to IKEA, I was thinking, WHATTT?! Then the competition began, and it ended up being one of the best things I’d ever done!” We had really high engagement. Everyone was running around IKEA, trying to complete more and more challenges, and no one even thought about shopping.  

There were some fun moments when certain pairs fooled rival teams by taking pictures of things that weren’t part of the challenges or moved things around. It was hilarious. 

Every few minutes, we heard some teammates saying, “I have an idea for how to improve this UX.” This was a major bonus for us as the company that invented (and continues to develop!) Eloops. We experienced our platform in a high-participation situation, which helped us discover great ways to improve.

Eloops Team Building Activity - the team having fun

What we gained from this experience

We had an amazing time, got awesome team pictures, and got lots of ideas for making our product even better. 

Though our company trip included great activities both before and after the IKEA scavenger hunt, nearly everyone said it was the day’s highlight.

Loopers being Loopers

A tip from me

If you’re our customer or preparing to be one, I encourage you to consider how Eloops can enhance your in-person company events. We have some great tools to help you plan your event and also to add a virtual layer like we did, to make the experience extremely fun and result in everyone calling the event a success!

Would you like to see Eloops in action? Book your demo today!

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