Don’t Miss – Top September Content From Eloops

Don’t Miss – Top September Content From Eloops

Don’t miss all opportunities in September to boost engagement with great content items from Eloops!

Make the most of the themes at this time of year to

  • strengthen your culture
  • promote wellness & growth
  • mark special days in engaging ways
  • Content that aligns with & reflects what is happening in your employees’ worlds always holds added engagement value. Whether it’s Labor Day fashion rules, this year’s Emmy’s coming around, or the excitement (& nostalgia) of back-to-school season, we have quizzes & challenges to get your workforce involved.
  • Eloops content is expertly designed to
    • encourage sharing
    • leverage the joy of competing
    • help you deliver tips & learning

All in the most engaging ways, so as to support you in building a strong positive work culture, wherever your employees might actually be working!

  • Did you know that research shows the simple act of asking your employees what they think boosts engagement even before any of the survey topic results are analyzed? The Eloops marketplace has a comprehensive range of pre-made surveys to save you time, all fully editable to customize to your needs.

There’s no more appropriate time to survey happiness levels as Happiness At Work Week begins on the 20th of this month. And make sure your organization can benefit from all the ideas your employees undoubtedly have for ways in which you might change for the better.

‘Don’t Miss’ Content Recommendations For September

Don’t Miss in Culture

  • First Day Of School Challenge
  • My School Days Challenge
  • Your Best Sandwich Challenge
  • Video Games Challenge
  • Doodles Challenge

Don’t Miss in Wellness

  • Quiet Day Quiz & Invitation
  • What Makes You Happy At Work? Challenge

Don’t Miss in Growth

  • How To Make The Most Of Change Quiz
  • All About Learning Quiz

Don’t Miss in HR Operations

  • How Happy Are You At Work? Survey
  • What Can We Change For The Better? Survey

Don’t Miss in Seasonal/Upcoming

  • September Quiz
  • Hispanic Heritage Quiz
  • School Subjects Quiz
  • Sandwiches Quiz
  • Labor Day – Celebrities In White Quiz (9/5)
  • Recommend A Book Challenge (9/6)
  • Star Trek Quiz (9/9)
  • Emmy Awards Predictions Challenge (9/12)

Never run out of ideas! Build your culture & boost engagement quickly & easily with Eloops pre-made content. Explore how you can achieve 100% reach and get full access to our vast marketplace of content templates NOW.

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