6 Ways Eloops Can Lighten The Load For HR Professionals

It’s hard for us to stand by in the face of research that reveals the vast majority of HR professionals are struggling with burnout and chronic fatigue at work & 73% of them also say they don’t have the tools they need to carry out their job effectively.

Every aspect of Eloops has been expertly designed to save time, streamline operations & facilitate the effectiveness of internal comms & HR initiatives.

So whether you choose the elements of Eloops that will solve your most acute & pressing challenges, or the comprehensive solution to meet all your employee communication & engagement needs, here are 6 ways Eloops can help lighten the load in 2023 & beyond!

1. Built-In Multi-Channel Delivery

2. Celebrations by Eloops

3. Recognition by Eloops

4. Marketplace by Eloops

5. Virtual Team Building Activities by Eloops

6. Eloops All-In-One

1. Built-In Multi-Channel Delivery

Meaningful interactions with your employees depend on creating an engaging experience AND reaching them where they are most likely to engage. As well as providing you with a vast & ever-expanding range of pre-made content item templates (see Marketplace by Eloops below), when it comes to ‘delivery’, with Eloops you can ensure every item you want to send will reach the right people, in the right place, at the right time.

You can choose to send items & messages as feed posts, with or without push notifications, by email, SMS, and/or in your Slack or Microsoft Teams channels with just a few simple clicks. The Eloops for Slack & Eloops for Microsoft Teams integrations exist precisely because it makes perfect sense to engage your employees right where they are already chatting & collaborating!

Whether your communication is an essential form, a company update, a survey, a quiz, or a team building challenge, you can benefit from 24/7 scheduling and achieve 100% reach through Eloops’ Built-In Multi-Channel Delivery. Find out all about it here.

Marketplace by Eloops - Reach Employees Where They're Already Working and Chatting

2. Celebrations by Eloops

It’s widely acknowledged that feeling valued by our employer, managers, and teammates makes us happier & more productive at work, whereas feeling unappreciated makes us more likely to quit. However, showing employees you value them by celebrating their special events can be overwhelmingly time-consuming for those responsible for making it happen.

Celebrations by Eloops is designed to streamline & automate the celebration of all meaningful employee moments – now you can mark every birthday, work anniversary, milestone, and life event with a personalized greeting & optional gift to boost sense of belonging and ensure every one of your people feels valued.

You can automate long-term campaigns or create one-off greeting & gift campaigns. You have the option to turn the celebration into a team affair to enhance workmate bonds & include global gift cards that are suitable for all your employees, no matter where they are. And with built-in multichannel delivery, you can be sure both celebrant and teammates will receive their messages in the right place, at the right time.

Explore Celebrations by Eloops so you can automate these ‘must haves’ then sit back and watch the magic happen!

3. Recognition by Eloops

Marking & celebrating meaningful moments is not the only way to communicate that your employees are valued. Everyone likes their work efforts to be noticed & small gestures of recognition can make a big difference to motivation & morale across your whole workforce.

Recognition by Eloops has been built for you to build & integrate a powerful culture of appreciation at your organization. Here is how to make it easy for your employees to appreciate & recognize their peers in a way that aligns with your stated company values, through the transfer of virtual coins to each other on a regular basis. 

As an HR Manager you get to make it very much your own by customizing with your company values, choosing the recognition coins allowance you want to give to your employees & setting the sending & receiving limits you’d like in place. According to your choices, each of your employees automatically receives a monthly allowance of virtual coins specifically to transfer to their workmates. They cannot retain these coins for themselves & they are provided on a ‘use them or lose them’ basis!

Every employee sending recognition coins to their peers is emotionally rewarded with a ‘Thank you for sending’ message to reinforce their generous behavior. And the recipient of recognition coins not only gets the coins to collect then redeem for a globally valid gift card, they also receive a notification that one of their colleagues has sent them recognition & with a simple click can view both the value(s) they have been recognized for & a personal message from the sender.

Plus, if you have an Eloops feed,  both senders & receivers can choose to make their recognition public by sharing their appreciation for colleagues directly on the feed for everyone to see, thereby amplifying the good vibes across your entire workforce!

If you know ‘recognition’ is a current gap in your initiatives, it’s time to find out more about Recognition by Eloops here

Employee engagement features - p2p employee recognition

4. Marketplace by Eloops

We have come to understand that the core challenge with employee engagement is that it is simply not enough to be able to reach, celebrate & recognize your employees. Maintaining engagement is a continuous task & not only that; there is a continuous need for fresh, interesting & inspiring content. While HR professionals may or may not have the creative skills or inclination to create such content, it is certainly the case that they do not have the time.

With Marketplace by Eloops you can become a content superstar instantly with an ever-expanding internal communications marketplace of pre-made quiz, survey, challenge, message and form templates. Every one is designed to save you time in meeting your internal communication needs and generate optimum employee engagement – our interactive content formats are designed to boost the number of interactions with your employees & make collecting the feedback you need a breeze.

Gain access to 500+ fully customizable content items designed by our engagement experts for every occasion and need, for example:

• Streamline your operations with essential forms and useful surveys 

• Boost employee wellness with challenges, quizzes and tips 

• Cultivate company culture & build your sense of community 

• Mark holidays & other special days to keep your communications current & relevant

Search the Marketplace with our smart keyword search if you are looking for something specific. Browse by category or check out what’s trending if you are looking to get inspired.

Additionally gain priceless insights that will help you understand how well your communications are working and how to optimize. It is impossible to improve the effectiveness of your  employee communications without data! Marketplace by Eloops allows you to:

• See which content items and types generate the most engagement 

• Learn which employee segments interact the most 

• Export reports in multiple formats to share insights with your colleagues

Find out here how Marketplace by Eloops can be a game changer for you.

5. Virtual Team Building Activities by Eloops

Themed activities have always been a powerful way for companies to bring their workforce together to build connection & strengthen culture. Following the global Covid pandemic & with returns to work taking many different forms, there remains a gap to be filled regarding these important team building initiatives.

Virtual Team Building Activities by Eloops are powerful themed employee experiences designed for distributed workforces that let everyone take part, regardless of location and schedule. They allow employees to participate when and where it is most convenient for them, thereby overcoming any physical location, time zone or differing work pattern obstacles.

Begin by exploring our curated collections of activities expertly designed to promote the things we know companies care about the most, such as:

• Supporting employee wellness 

• Building cohesive teams 

• Strengthening the culture of recognition 

• Enhancing sense of belonging & company pride

Then discover Eloops has prepared everything & all you have to do is schedule your activity and invite your people to participate!

1. Choose your collection based on your company culture & needs.

2. Select your event duration – would you like the virtual activities to be spread out over a single day, a week, or a month?

3. Pick a start date and invite your people to join.

Multichannel delivery enables you to choose the channel(s) your employees are most likely to be using: email, SMS, your Eloops app, Slack, or Microsoft Teams. Your employees can participate when and where it suits them & you can still set deadlines as you wish.

A further recommendation is to incentivize participation and add an extra element of fun by rewarding challenge submissions and quiz completions. Simply set up a ‘reward store’ so your employees can redeem the points they accumulate for gift cards according to your available budget.

Organizations of all kinds benefit hugely from all-staff activities & they no longer need to be burdensome to organize!  Find out just how easy it can be for you to ‘plug & play’ a virtual team building activity designed by Eloops here.

Here’s What’s New In Eloops For May 2022

6. Eloops All-In-One

If ALL of the above sound like the answers to your prayers, it’s time for you to meet Eloops All-In-One!

Gain full access to all of these expertly designed features & more, with a powerful comprehensive solution to meet all your employee communication & engagement needs.

Eloops has what you need to do your job most effectively –  just imagine knowing you have the right tool for every task, whether that is to:

• update, train and educate your workforce, 

• collect employee feedback 

• implement activities 

• promote your initiatives

Benefit from having a private social feed just for your employees where you can connect, engage, and delight them (& where they can connect, engage, and delight each other!)

Ensure your crucial new employee on-boarding process runs smoothly & effectively by automating it to:

• send personalized messages and collect required information 

• create an engagement journey that includes activities that facilitate integration into the team & wider workforce 

• mount monitoring/feedback surveys throughout their first year

Enhance all of Eloops’ employee engagement features with gamification. You can gamify each tool to boost interaction through use of timers, leaderboards and competitions, & incentivize participation with your own branded virtual coins.

Gain the kind of data-based insights that allow you to measure & optimize all of your engagement activity :

• Measure the number of interactions per employee & department 

• Drill down to view performance per feature 

• Recognize trends and measure the impact of specific efforts

Explore the comprehensive solution you’ve been looking for here.

And find out how easy it is to implement Eloops at your organization here.

Would you like to see Eloops in action? Book your demo today!

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