Eloops in Microsoft Teams

Why HR Teams Need Eloops in Their Microsoft Teams Platform

Over 500,000 organizations use Microsoft Teams as their primary business communication platform. It helps managers by facilitating collaboration and communication with their teams, but does it help HRs advance their people initiatives?

Most HR teams we spoke to in the past few years have felt their voice has gotten lost with the increased reliance on chat tools such as Microsoft Teams. They’ve told us their messages simply get ignored by employees who use those tools mainly to chat with their direct managers and teams regarding projects and tasks. That’s why we decided to integrate Eloops with Microsoft Teams – to enable HRs to boost employee engagement and promote their people initiatives right where their employees are already working, collaborating, and chatting. And unsurprisingly, our integration has received a lot of interest from HR departments at companies big and small.   

So, how does Eloops in Microsoft Teams help HRs get their messages heard, boost engagement, and promote their initiatives most effectively?

Eloops in Microsoft Teams HR Communications

Dedicated tools for different HR communication needs

Eloops equips HR teams with a suite of tools that help them increase engagement in one place. Instead of using multiple apps inside Teams, with Eloops HRs can create personalized updates, surveys, forms, quizzes,and challenges, give personalized recognition, and celebrate work anniversaries and birthdays.

All these make it easier for HRs to promote their people initiatives and get employees to respond in no time!

Peer-to-peer recognition through Eloops in Microsoft Teams

Personalized and automated communications

With Eloops in Microsoft Teams, HRs can target their audience by segments such as sites, departments, or even people who want to be informed about wellness initiatives, specific community events, training opportunities, or relevant benefits. This sort of targeting, similar to what state-of-the-art marketing platforms provide, boosts communication effectiveness.

Eloops also offers automation – another capability standard in marketing platforms. Automation enables HRs to create onboarding surveys that are automatically sent to each employee whenever they’ve reached a specific onboarding milestone and to automatically send a gift and group greeting to each employee on their birthday or work anniversary. 

With Eloops, HR teams benefit from targeting and automation without needing their IT teams. Everything is self-service and easy to use.

Eloops in Microsoft Teams - Automated Celebrations

A vast content marketplace that saves precious time

Whether it’s a pulse survey, event registration form, or 4th of July quiz, Eloops has you covered! HR teams save hours upon hours of content creation work by using pre-made content items from the Eloops content marketplace, an ever-expanding collection of over 1000 categorized items for every occasion or need. 

Contributions to the marketplace are made not only by Eloops’s content experts but also by existing Eloops customers who choose to share successful items they’ve created with the entire community of Eloops admins. 

Content Marketplace - Eloops inside Microsoft Teams

Rewards & activities that help inject fun

Employees can earn (virtual) coins (branded by their company) by interacting inside Eloops in Microsoft Teams: completing surveys, taking quizzes, submitting registration forms, or even liking or commenting on a public message in a dedicated Eloops channel. They can also receive recognition coins from teammates along with a note of appreciation.

Employees can redeem these coins right in Microsoft Teams in their company’s custom Eloops reward store for gift cards, company swag, PTOs, and other cashless items.  

One type of content that works well to inject fun and increase employee interactions is quizzes about the company, its people, and its culture. Eloops has quiz templates such as “Our CEOs burger preferences,” “What do you know about our X site,” and “Meet our longest serving employee,” which are powerful engagement boosters.

Eloops in Microsoft Teams rewards and activities

Analytics & insights that empower HR teams

Most HR teams we’ve spoken to don’t use a data-driven approach to employee communications. They don’t know what items work and in which department or site they’ve worked the best. Working in the dark in this way makes it hard to improve and wastes resources.

With Eloops, HRs get analytics on everything that happens within the app, including which items and item types resulted in the most and least employee interactions, which employees, departments, and sites are the most engaged, and where peer-to-peer recognition is strongest. Such information is invaluable for improving employee engagement.

Eloops in Microsoft Teams - Insights and analytics

Promote your HR initiatives with Eloops in Microsoft Teams

The Eloops Microsoft Teams integration is super easy to implement since employees need not download any app. All they need to do is open the app (which they’ll see in their Microsoft Teams) and log in once. Microsoft Teams remains their company’s primary communication platform, only enhanced with a powerful tool that enables HR teams to easily boost the number and quality of interactions with their workforce.

Eloops enhances the power of Microsoft Teams by allowing companies to focus on HR initiatives and maintain a strong culture, no matter where their employees are.

Would you like to see Eloops inside Microsoft Teams in action? Book your demo today!

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