Eloops Recommends - Browse Our Recommended Content Items For July

Eloops Recommends – Browse Our Recommended Content Items For July

Whatever your employee communication priorities in July, the vast Eloops Marketplace of pre-made content templates has all you need to meet your goals in minutes! Here are our top picks for this month:

  • Support the wellness of your workforce during the hottest summer months with items that specifically target what they need to be aware of & that actively promote beneficial habits. Deliver important info through engaging quizzes & a fun challenge to stay well-hydrated. Expand their thinking to the wellness of our planet too! (Remember there is a vast range of wellness items touching a variety of relevant topics always available to you in the Eloops Marketplace)
  • This point in the summer is a particularly powerful opportunity to strengthen culture though sharing experiences & opinions. Photo challenges are always fun and invitations to share views about the best & worst things about the season will generate amusement for sure!
  • It’s easy to give your employees a voice with Eloops Polls & Surveys. Just for fun this month, find out what temperature your employees prefer for the A/C & easily gather valuable feedback about any Summer events you may be having. (You can find numerous feedback surveys your employees will want to complete in the Eloops Marketplace).
  • Continue building the sense of connection across your distributed workforce with two new additions to our engaging ‘Get to know’ quiz items.
  • Our collection of Eloops Growth Bites itself grows this month with a 4-part series of intriguing items that explore the fascinating phenomenon of Dreaming.
  • July provides plenty of inspiration for engagement boosting content that aligns with upcoming special days. Integrating what’s happening in the wider world of sport, national holidays & even commercially created ‘special days’ into your engagement activities is both powerful & fun. For example, July 30th has been designated Friendship Day & you have the opportunity not only to run a fun quiz but also to encourage your employees to re-connect with friends from the past. Browse the rundown for the month of July below to ensure you don’t miss a thing!

Full List of Recommended Content for July

Recommended in Wellness

  • Summer Wellness Quiz
  • Water Quiz
  • Water Intake Challenge
  • Our Oceans Quiz

Recommended in Culture

  • Best Beach/Pool Photo Challenge
  • Best Thing About Summer Challenge
  • Worst Thing About Summer Challenge
  • What Temperature Should We Have The A/C Poll
  • Get To Know The Team Quiz
  • Get To Know The Site Quiz

Recommended in HR Operations

  • Summer Event Feedback Survey

Recommended in Growth

Dreaming Growth Bites:

  • How often do we dream?
  • Do YOU have colorful dreams?
  • What can’t we do when we’re dreaming?
  • What is the most common dream?

Recommended in Upcoming

  • July Quiz
  • Chocolate Ice-Cream Quiz (July is Ice-Cream month)
  • Tour de France Quiz (July 1-24)
  • Post A Joke Challenge (Joke Day 7/1)
  • Famous Aliens Quiz (UFO Day 7/2)
  • Show Us Your 4th July Challenge
  • 4th July Quiz
  • Friendship Quiz (Friendship Day 7/30)
  • Do Different – Get Connected Challenge (Friendship Day 7/30)

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