Check Out Eloops Content Recommendations for June

Check out our recommended content for June in the Eloops Marketplace here!

Whatever your employee communication priorities this coming month, enjoy browsing, choosing & scheduling content to meet all of your goals in minutes with Eloops!

  • Make the most of the culture-building & strengthening’ opportunities Eloops gives you with a set of themed recognition challenges and an invitation for your employees to ‘do different’ together in some fun ways! 

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  • Eloops Surveys are designed to save you time & streamline crucial areas of your HR Operations. A one year anniversary is an important milestone in every employee’s career & we have designed a survey for you to get the crucial feedback you need at this point in the most engaging way. (Remember you have access to our entire suite of engaging employee feedback surveys in the Eloops Marketplace)

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  • Research shows that growth delivered in bite-sized pieces is both engaging & effective! Intrigue your employees this month with a new series of Eloops Growth Bites about our amazing world population.

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  • Promote & support the wellness of your workforce during this start-of-summer month with a series of challenges designed to help them make the most of the outdoors! Get them running, trying Yoga & grow their knowledge about veggies too with a range of challenges & quizzes. (Don’t forget there is always a vast range of wellness items available for you to choose from in the Eloops Marketplace)

  • Content that aligns with upcoming special days is always super-engaging as it matches what is happening in both your employees’ lives and the wider world. Check out the rundown for June below (& browse the Eloops Marketplace for even more) to ensure you don’t miss any opportunities!

Full List of Recommended Content Items in the Eloops Marketplace for June

Recommended in Culture

  • Say Something Nice Challenge
  • Best Friend At Work Challenge
  • Superheroes Challenge
  • Do Different – Hand-switch Challenge
  • Do Different – Language Challenge

Recommended in HR Operations

  • One Year Anniversary Employee Survey

Recommended in Growth

Our World Population Growth Bites:

  • How much longer will we live?
  • How has our fertility rate changed?
  • Urban vs rural
  • Birds as a pet

Recommended in Wellness

  • Benefits Of The Outdoors Quiz
  • Meet Outdoors Challenge
  • Eat Outdoors Challenge
  • Sleep Outdoors Challenge
  • Yoga Quiz
  • Running Challenge
  • Think You Know Your Veggies? Quiz

Recommended in Upcoming

  • June Quiz
  • Flag Quiz (Flag Day 6/14)
  • US Open Golf Quiz
  • Fathers Quiz (Fathers Day 6/19)
  • Start Of Summer Quiz
  • Beatles Quiz (Beatles Day 6/26)
  • Wimbledon Tennis Quiz

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