Internal Communications Your Employees Will Actually Look Forward To

Internal Communications Your Employees Will Actually Look Forward To

When workers feel a personal connection to the business, they’re more inclined to do their best work. That’s where internal communications come into play. … Read More

How To Promote All-Round Employee Wellness

What’s New In The Eloops Marketplace? How To Promote All-Round Employee Wellness

Employee Wellness is high on every organization’s agenda for good reason! Whatever your company’s mission your most valuable assets are your people. … Read More

5 Things You Didn’t Know You Could Gamify For Your Workforce

5 Things You Didn’t Know You Could Gamify for Your Workforce

Employee experience gamification provides a unique way to boost engagement and improve all round performance across your entire workforce. Game mechanisms can be leveraged to … Read More

How to Ensure You & Your Employees Are Working Smarter

Just about everyone complains about lacking time and having an endless ‘to do’ list. And part of the problem is we are too busy to stop to evaluate how we could be doing things better! … Read More

How To Support Your Employees’ Hopes & Dreams

How to Support Your Employees’ Hopes & Dreams

Armed with resolutions and re-imagined hopes and dreams, how can you best support your employees so they and you can benefit from and make the most of this positive energy at the start of this year? … Read More

How To Close The Year In Positive Style

Let’s be honest, the year that will soon be coming to a close was another rollercoaster ride that none of us could have predicted! Having navigated our way through the previous one, we had hoped for a return to some … Read More

How To Meet The Challenge Of Workforce Cohesion

With the blurring of the boundaries between our work & home lives, in which our homes became (and in many cases, at least some of the time, continue to be) our workplaces, the on-going challenge to build connection and a … Read More

Working at Eloops: an intern’s perspective

Summertime is intern season at Eloops when our team becomes a little younger and even more fun with the addition of one or two college students. Last summer, we welcomed Sam Miles, a marketing major at Ohio State University. We … Read More

How To Help Your Workforce Stay Well

Without doubt we have all been through a lot and the need to stay well by taking good care of ourselves and each other is on-going. The overall well being of each member of your workforce is now more important … Read More

How To Make The Most Of ‘Change’

It’s Back To School, Fall will soon be with us and we have a still evolving ‘new normal’ to adjust to. We have all had to navigate unprecedented change the past year plus, and in life change is, as we … Read More