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What’s New in the Eloops Marketplace for April?

Whatever you want to communicate to your employees, Eloops’ multi-channel solution offers 100% reach and endless pre-made content templates to save you time in delivering an employee experience your workforce will love.

Find out about the newest content items in your Eloops Marketplace here!


Your communications and communication platform provide a virtual ‘home’ for your company culture in our age of increasingly distributed workforces & hybrid working. Building and maintaining the emotional connection between your people and your organization is more important than ever before; every employee needs & wants to feel a sense of belonging!

Deliver the kind of ‘inside info’ about your company that helps everyone feel they are ‘in the loop’ in the most engaging way through quizzes :

  • True or False About Our Company
  • Our Workforce Stats

Bridge the gap between your leaders and the rest of your employees (& make them more ‘human’!) with a series of themed, short, fun-facts guessing games featuring your individuals:

  • Get To Know Our Leaders… in the Past, Achievements, & Food, & Travel

And provide the opportunity for employee communication to be 2-way by regularly seeking opinions. Your employees are full of ideas – make the most of them!

  • How Can We Make An Impact? Survey


We are all naturally wired to grow and a key dimension of employee satisfaction is being given that opportunity. Our Growth Bites make learning new, interesting, helpful things enjoyable and super-engaging. Your employees will enjoy any and all of our 5 bite-size items for April that deliver information, inspiration and tips!

  • Creativity Boost Growth Bites


We know that promoting the all-round wellness of your workforce is an on-going and all-round challenge – that’s why we take an all-round approach! Here are two quizzes designed to inform and ‘reduce’ :

  • Sugar Quiz
  • Screentime Quiz

A quiz to inform and ‘promote’:

  • Cycling Quiz

And two challenges to encourage recognition and sharing:

  • Who Is Your Health Role Model?
  • What Is Your Calm-Down Hack?


Don’t miss the opportunities April provides to boost engagement, have fun & even be helpful!

  • All About April Quiz
  • 4/1 April Fool’s Day – Best Prank Challenge
  • 4/11 Pets Day – Celebrity Pets Quiz
  • 4/17 Easter – Global Easter Foods Quiz
  • 4/19 Garlic Day (who knew?) – Garlic Quiz
  • 4/26 Get Organized Day – Let’s Get Organized Quiz & Tips

Enjoy April (& every month) with fresh new content and all you can find 24/7 in your Marketplace from Eloops!

If you’d like to be in the same position as our current customers who have access to all of our tools, features & continually refreshed content, come talk to us! 

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