How To Support Your Employees’ Hopes & Dreams

How to Support Your Employees’ Hopes & Dreams

There’s always a sense of re-setting and renewing in the month of January, even this January at the start of a new year with still ongoing uncertainties due to the virus-that-won’t-go-away!

The phrase ‘out with the old, in with the new’ carries with it an energy about moving forward with a ‘refreshed’ outlook. Armed with resolutions and re-imagined hopes and dreams, how can you best support your employees so they and you can benefit from and make the most of this positive energy at the start of this year?

Hopes & Dreams Need Support!

We all have hopes and dreams, but sometimes we take too little action to make them come true. What is it that gets in the way? While the pursuit of a goal can give our life purpose, energy and excitement, it can also bring anxiety, insecurity and overwhelm. Sometimes, simply acknowledging what we want can arouse feelings of longing and despair. Avoiding those uncomfortable feelings by giving up only works short term – long term it can leave us feeling stuck, depressed, or empty. Eloops is here to help!

Our newest collection of content items has been designed to help you not only support your employees’ hopes & dreams, but also to encourage and inspire them to refresh & renew and dream big for themselves. Choose from the range that includes items containing tips & inspiration as well as challenges and quizzes that everyone can enjoy and benefit from, wherever they are. Amplify the energy of the start of the year across your whole workforce and demonstrate your support for your employees living their best life!

Out With The Old, In With The New – share a collection of thought-provoking and inspiring tips all about refreshing & renewing

What’s New For 2022 Challenge – invite your employees to share what they are adding, taking away or doing differently in their daily routine

Small Change Big Difference (Challenge & Form) – turn the focus around to be on their work experience & gather some suggestions, publicly or privately expressed

Somewhere Over The Rainbow – some super-inspiring quotes from well-known people to encourage your employees to dream big (it’s Make Your Dreams Come True Day on 1/13!)

All I Have To Do Is Dream – a fun dreams-themed quiz spanning songs, movies, TV shows & beyond

#MyInspiration Challenge – as inspiration can come from all kinds of sources, encourage your employees to share theirs with each other

We also discovered that January is a dream month for inspiring us to create great content!

Who Knew January Was So Eventful? – a fun and informative quiz about past events that occurred around the world in the month of January

And it is Brainteasers Month – so we have created 4 tricky items for you to tease your employees with!

1/1 is Hangover Cure Day – run this fun #PartiedTooMuch Challenge to gather your employees’ suggestions!

1/4 is Braille Day – here is an informative & fun quiz with a twist to help your employees understand more

1/5 is National Bird Day – time for a spot of bird-spotting in the form of a quiz

1/13 is Make Your Dreams Come True Day – see items above!

1/17 is Martin Luther King Day – the original source of inspiration for our theme & an opportunity for an intriguing facts quiz

1/19 is Popcorn Day – time for an ‘enjoying my popcorn’ photo challenge

1/23 is Pie Day – run a fun poll to discover your employees’ favorite pie

1/27 is Chocolate Cake Day – no-one will be able to resist this delicious quiz

1/28 is Fun At Work Day – time for an important quiz & survey…

The Importance Of Fun At Work

You may have noticed we are on a mission at Eloops to ensure employees in all companies and organizations get to have fun at work! We focus on developing content items that make it easy for you to deliver the kind of fun experience in your work environment that not only helps bring out the best in your people, but also positively impacts your business results.

The evidence that fun at work boosts productivity is compelling. A happy work environment means fewer sick days, harder work, and greater productivity. Research shows employees with a positive mindset are 31% more productive than those with a negative mindset – or even a neutral one. And companies with happy employees outperform the competition by 20%.

Positive work cultures don’t just happen – we Loopers think every day is a Fun At Work Day of course! In addition to all of our new items detailed above we offer you All Work & No Play, a special fun quiz all about Fun@Work designed for you & your employees to have fun with. And a simple 2 question Fun@Work Survey for you to explore how well you are doing Fun@Work now & get some ideas from your employees for how to do it better.

You are invited to read our blog that explores how Fun@Work works in more detail. And to visit our vast content marketplace to investigate the very many ways we can help you get this right.

Ensure you are supporting the hopes & dreams of your workforce in the most effective ways possible this January with Eloops!

“Shoot for the moon. Even if you miss, you’ll land among the stars.” — Norman Vincent Peale.

Every month, Eloops customers can look forward to having a range of fresh new content like this created by our engagement experts, to ‘plug & play’ and customize to their requirements. If you’d also like to be in the position of NEVER running out of ideas to support & inspire your workforce, come talk to us!

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