How to Ensure You & Your Employees Are Working Smarter

We are all feeling new pressures regarding what we need to get done! The boundaries between our work lives and our private or home lives have been completely blurred through the Covid pandemic. In our work situations we may be adjusting to long-term working from home, a return to full-time workplace-based activity, or most likely a hybrid of the two. We could all use some help when it comes to smarter approaches.

How To Work Smarter (Not Harder)

It’s rarely the case that anyone teaches us the best ways to approach our work. But we develop our own ways of doing things & that tends to work ok. But just about everyone complains about having a lack of time and an endless ‘to do’ list. And part of the problem is we are usually too busy to stop to evaluate how we could be doing things better!

Eloops has a new collection of content items designed to assist. Here you will find content not only for you to support your employees working smarter, but also items designed to save YOU time and to make the most of important dynamics within your workforce that can help.

Explore the range designed by our experts that includes time-saving templates, smart professional growth tips & an assortment of challenges and quizzes that everyone can benefit from, wherever they are. Ensure you & your workforce are working smarter not harder this winter with Eloops!

Forms – we know you have operational tasks to accomplish and streamlining such processes is a big time-saver. Explore our collection of pre-made form templates that make it easy for you to collect the information you need, all ready for you to use as they are or to customize easily to fit your requirements. And know that you will boost employee response hugely by making use of Eloops multi-channel ‘reach’ and ability to incentivize submissions with coins.

  • Vacation Request, Sick Leave, Personal Info Update, Covid 19 Declaration, Employee Referral, Ask HR

Growth Bites – introducing a new content type for you to deliver personal/professional growth insights, tips & suggestions to your employees, in easy to consume, bite-sized pieces! This month’s Work Smarter theme is Attention Management and the series of 5 includes some super-effective approaches for you & your employees to enjoy trying out.

  • Want to learn how to work smarter?
  • Are you ‘indistractable’?
  • Can you ‘surf the urge’?
  • Make 10 minutes your friend!
  • Want to know how to ‘timebox’?

If you’d like to explore the importance of Attention Management further, we invite you to read our blog article Driven By Distraction.

And don’t forget to make sure any tips your employees already have are shared across your whole workforce with our Work Smarter Tips Challenge.

Team Connection – most work environments operate with a team structure at some level and bolstering team spirit is a smart route to boosting work performance. We understand that tapping-into a team’s good-natured competitiveness generates highly beneficial positive energy! So we have designed some fun items to specifically allow your teams’ creativity (4 Movie Scenes Rewrite Challenges) & smart use of tech tools prowess (Google Maps Quiz) to shine.

Employer Branding – your current employees who choose to work with you day after day are a valuable resource when it comes to strengthening your employer brand. We have created 2 smart way to make the most of their positivity in ways they will love : a What Makes You Choose To Work Here? Survey that prompts them to reflect on their connection to your organization, and a Share A Work Story (In Your Social Media) Challenge, that encourages them to get the word out by sharing a glimpse of their great work life with their followers & friends in their social media.

Even if we’re all working smarter, it escapes no one we are now deep into Wintertime! We encourage you to harness the widespread winter vibe to boost employee engagement with 2 quizzes

  • Fun February Facts Quiz
  • What Do You Know About Giant Snowflakes?

And we are borrowing the sentiments from the Danish wintertime ‘cuddling-up & getting cosy’ concept of ‘hygge’ with 2 challenges

  • My Favorite Sweater Challenge
  • Celebrate Soup Challenge

Did you know that both sweaters & soups have national days dedicated to them in the first week of February?!

Special Days always present an opportunity for content items with extra engagement value. They have an added dimension of relevance & connection as your employees’ wider world is also marking these occasions.

  • February Is Black History Month, so here is a Black History Quiz
  • 2/4 is World Cancer Day, so here is a thought-provoking quiz with a positive focus on prevention & growing awareness of the inequality of access to cancer care worldwide
  • 2/8 is Safer Internet Day, Go ‘Phish’ is a quiz designed to boost ‘scam’ awareness
  • 2/14 is Valentines Day, Let me Sing You A Love Song is a fun quiz complete with song videos for your employees to enjoy
  • 2/21 is Presidents Day, find out just how much your employees know about US Presidents through history with a quite challenging Presidents Day Quiz

Enjoy ensuring you & your employees are engaged & working smarter this winter with Eloops!

Whatever you want to communicate to your employees, Eloops’ multi-channel solution can help, with 100% reach, endless pre-made content templates to save you time, & an employee experience your workforce will love.

If you’d like to be in the same position as our current customers who have access to all of our tools, features & content, come talk to us! 

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