How To Promote All-Round Employee Wellness

What’s New In The Eloops Marketplace? How To Promote All-Round Employee Wellness

Employee Wellness is high on every organization’s agenda for good reason! What ever your company’s mission your most valuable assets are your people. All you can do to keep your workforce healthy will directly benefit the health of your business and bottom-line.

The challenge however is the many dimensions of Wellness that need to be addressed for the workforces of today. After a significant time of constant change and uncertainty, and still not yet stabilized working patterns for many, it can be hard to know where to start.

Eloops is here to help with a fresh collection of content items designed to save you time and ensure you can implement the right communications to meet your goals. Explore the range designed by our experts that includes survey templates, important & intriguing learning and an assortment of challenges and quizzes that all of your employees can participate in and benefit from, wherever they are.

Ensure you are promoting All-Round Employee Wellness across your workforce with Eloops

Surveys – everyone loves being asked what they think! And there’s no better way for you to understand what initiatives will have the most impact or how they are working.

To save you time Eloops has created pre-made survey templates and here are 4 that will make it easy for you to ask your employees about important dimensions that contribute to their Wellness.

You get to choose whether to collect answers anonymously and you don’t need to worry about ‘survey response’ – you will boost it hugely by making use of Eloops multi-channel ‘reach’ and ability to incentivize participation with your virtual coins.


  • Promoting Wellness Survey
  • How Would You Like To Grow At Work Survey
  • What Makes You Feel Appreciated Survey
  • Diversity In The Workplace Survey

Growth Bites everyone loves to acquire new knowledge! Here are 2 further collections of our new content type, designed for you to deliver a variety of growth & learning to your employees, in easy to consume, bite-sized pieces. Each contains 5 items and the topics this time are

First Aid – designed to boost awareness of the best First Aid measures for some commonly occurring situations, because it’s crucial to perform it correctly so as not to compromise those you’re trying to help.

Coding For Non-Coders – designed to help your employees learn some basics about coding… something that is ‘behind the scenes’ in so many parts of our lives these days but remains something of a mystery to most of us.

Community & Connection – everyone loves to feel a sense of belonging! As Wellness is such a varied topic it is an ideal theme through which your employees can share, encourage and inspire each other. It also presents an opportunity to have some fun… as we know, tapping-into your employees’ good-natured competitiveness can generate a whole lot of beneficial positive energy!

With promoting all-round Wellness in mind, we have designed 4 ‘challenges’ and a tricky quiz:

  • Push-Up Max Challenge
  • No Elevators Day Challenge
  • What Sport Do You Do Challenge
  • Wellness Resources Challenge
  • Nutrition Myths Quiz

‘Special Days’ always present an opportunity for content items with extra engagement value. The month of March presents us with :

  • March 1st-7th is Universal Human Beings Week, We’re Only Human is an engaging, fun and factual quiz
  • 3/4 is Employee Appreciation Day, and whatever else you are planning, you are all-set with the What Makes YOU Feel Appreciated Survey mentioned above!
  • 3/8 is International Women’s Day, the ideal time to get all of your employees thinking about & celebrating with a Female Firsts Quiz
  • 3/17 is St Patrick’s Day, we have created a true/false format quiz for your employees to guess their way through and perhaps learn some fun facts along the way!

Did you know? We love creating engaging content at Eloops! This means that you can always find a huge choice of content items to suit all occasions and communication goals in our Marketplace.

For example, instead of or in addition to this St.Patrick’s Day quiz, you can challenge your employees to ‘get their green on’ or compete with each other via a quiz that asks them to determine what is and isn’t Irish!

We invite you to explore, simply type in the theme you are looking for, check-out what is currently trending, or browse through the various categories you will find there to choose from.


Ensure you are promoting All-Round Employee Wellness across your workforce most effectively with Eloops!

Whatever you want to communicate to your employees, Eloops’ multi-channel solution can help, with 100% reach, endless pre-made content templates to save you time, & an employee experience your workforce will love.

If you’d like to be in the same position as our current customers who have access to all of our tools, features & continually refreshed content, come talk to us! 


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