With the blurring of the boundaries between our work & home lives, in which our homes became (and in many cases, at least some of the time, continue to be) our workplaces, the on-going challenge to build connection and a sense of belonging across our already distributed workforces has become… even more challenging!

We always need to remember that employee needs are fundamentally ‘human’ needs. Our human need for the sense of belonging delivered by family, friendship & community is well-documented and considered essential for us to thrive. Once our physiological needs for food/shelter/safety are met, we humans are wired to want connection.

We Are Family

With this in mind, we have borrowed the concept of ‘Family’ to represent the solution, and let it inspire us to create a new collection of content items to help you & your workforce strengthen & build on the sense of community at your organization. Choose from the following engaging range of items to explore, learn and have fun, on the way to enjoying the positive benefits that flow from greater connection, wherever your employees are.

  • Social Wellness Insights Quiz – grow understanding of the importance of connection
  • What Does ‘Family’ Mean To You? Poll – find out then share back to complete the loop
  • #MyWorkFamily P2P Challenge – promote recognition of & reinforce bonds between workmates
  • #MyFamilyTradition Challenge – invite everyone to share theirs
  • Family Tree Quiz – discover who knows most about who is related to who & how
  • Fascinating Family DNA Quiz – journey through the science of connection
  • Fictional Families Quiz – have fun with the families we’ve all met through books/TV/movies
  • Uplifting Quotes About ‘Family’ – deliver some inspiration & let people feel what most resonates for them
Fascinating Family DNA Quiz + Social Wellness Insights Quiz
Family Tree Quiz + #MyFamilyTradition Challenge

There are also plenty of upcoming days for ‘connection’ to be celebrated in all kinds of (characteristically Eloops) ways!

  • 11/9 is World Adoption Day – share some inspiring facts
  • 11/10 is Sesame Street Day – take everyone back to their childhood with a fun quiz
  • 11/8-14th is Human Animal Relationship Awareness Day – warm hearts with this quiz
  • 11/21 is World Hello Day – encourage new connections with a #Hello P2P Challenge
  • 11/25 is Thanksgiving – revisit scenes from the TV series Friends to get everyone smiling
  • 11/26 is Black Friday – take the pressure off connecting to bargains with this fun shopping quiz
World Adoption Day + Human Animal Relationship Awareness Day
Black Friday + Thanksgiving

Also, the whole month of November is ‘Movember’ & growing awareness of men’s health is its goal… get your employees involved whenever you choose via the fun ‘facial hair’ photo quiz we have created & take the opportunity to signpost them to some potentially life-saving information.

Why So Many Quizzes?

You may notice we have presented a truly bumper crop of quizzes above! Why do we create so many? Because in our experience a quiz format is a powerful route to achieve optimal engagement.

Whether the goal is to provide personal/professional development insights, generate company pride, embed values/correct procedures, or purely to inject some all-important fun & deliver a few minutes of lighten-up time, building a quiz for it is always a first choice. Think of a topic, we have probably created a quiz for it… and if we haven’t yet, please ask!

You can find out about all the tools Eloops makes available to get your workforce more engaged through Quizzes here.

And we invite you to explore all of our quizzes (and much more) in our rich content marketplace of easy-to-customize pre-made content 24/7 here.

Enjoy creating greater connection & sense of community across your workforce with Eloops!

Eloops customers have access to all of this new content in their dashboards now. If you’d like to join the family, to create greater connection & sense of community and powerfully boost employee engagement at your company, we are waiting to welcome you!

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