Here’s What’s New In Eloops For May 2022

Here’s What’s New In Eloops For May 2022

Check out the newest content items in the Eloops Marketplace here!

Whatever your employee communication priorities this coming month, simply browse & select, customize & schedule to meet your goals in minutes with Eloops!


Make the most of the ‘culture-building & strengthening’ opportunities Eloops gives you with a set of new getting-to-know-you items that also build connection & deliver recognition.

HR Operations

Ensure your new employees in particular are getting off to the best possible start at your organization by monitoring how they’re doing with our suite of engaging onboarding surveys. Eloops Surveys are designed to save you time & streamline crucial areas of your HR Operations so you can keep your finger on the pulse where it matters!


Research shows that growth delivered in bite-sized pieces is highly effective. This month your employees can enjoy & benefit from two separate but related series of Eloops Growth Bites that simultaneously deliver growth and promote wellness. We can all use a boost of positivity in our lives & a greater understanding of the dynamics about stress and how to handle it.


Your on-going support for the wellness of your workforce can continue this month with new items about laughter, sunscreen & sustainable habits. (And don’t forget there is also a vast existing range of wellness items available covering topics from meditation to nutrition to quitting smoking in the Eloops Marketplace!)


Content items that mark & coincide with upcoming holidays or special days always have an extra dimension as engagement opportunities as they match what is happening in your employees’ wider world. Check out the full rundown below (& browse the Eloops Marketplace for more) to ensure you don’t miss any of these opportunities in May!

Full List of New Content Items In the Eloops Marketplace For May

New in Culture

  • Get To Know The Team Quiz 
  • Get To Know Our Internal Service People Quiz 
  • Meet The New Employee Quiz 
  • Meet Our Longest-Serving Quiz 
  • My Happy Hour Challenge

New in HR Operations

  • New Employee On-Boarding Surveys (1 week, 1 month, 2 months, 3 months, 6 months)

New in Growth

  • Positivity Growth Bites (Optimism, Thinking vs Doing, Squash Your ANTs)
  • All About Stress Growth Bites (Good/Bad?, Too Much/Too Little?, Handling It)

New in Wellness

  • Benefits Of Laughter Quiz
  • Sustainable Habits Challenge
  • Sunscreen Educational Quiz

New in Upcoming

  • May Quiz
  • Burger Month Quiz
  • NBA Play-Offs Quiz
  • Star Wars Challenge (5/4)
  • Nurses Day Quiz (5/6)
  • Champions League Quiz
  • Memorial Day Challenge (5/30)

Whatever you want to communicate to your employees, Eloops’ multi-channel solution offers 100% reach and endless pre-made content templates to save you time in delivering an employee experience your workforce will love. 

Come talk to us to gain access to all of our tools, features & continually refreshed content!

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