The Business Benefits of Using Eloops

The Business Benefits of Using Eloops

Why do companies of various industries and sizes choose to use Eloops? The answer is simple: it helps them solve a wide range of critical people and HR problems.

Among the people problems Eloops addresses are:

  • Lack of sense of belonging
  • Lack of recognition
  • Lack of employee voice
  • Lack of fun at work

Among the HR problems Eloops addresses are:

  • Lack of resources
  • Lack of reach
  • Platform proliferation
  • Lack of analytics

Leaving these problems unaddressed is detrimental to business while fixing them can:

Increase retention
Increase job performance
Reduce sick days
Reduce absenteeism
Increase employee productivity
Increase profitability
Improve allocation of company resources
Increase HR effectiveness and productivity
Reduce costs

Read on to discover how and why using Eloops can positively impact your business or download our Concise Business Benefits Guide.

Download our guide to the business benefits of using Eloops

Business benefits of employee engagement - concise guide

Lack of sense of belonging

Cultivating employee sense of belonging has always been a challenge for companies that have distributed workforces by nature of their industry or sector. With the advent of the pandemic and the subsequent prevalence of hybrid/WFH arrangements, it has become a challenge for nearly all.   

Belonging is one of our basic needs as human beings (3rd level on Maslow’s pyramid of needs). And given how much of our time we spend working, it is no surprise that our sense of belonging at work impacts dramatically how we function in our jobs and how likely we are to stick around.

Recent research shows how vital it is for companies to ensure their employees feel they belong.

A 2021 study from McKinsey reveals the need for a greater sense of belonging at work as one of the fundamental drivers of the Great Resignation, with 51% of survey respondents saying they quit their job because they felt they didn’t belong. Additionally, according to a study of workplace belonging conducted by BetterUp, high belonging was linked to a 50% decrease in turnover, a 56% increase in job performance, and a 75% decrease in sick days.

Eloops has multiple features that jointly constitute a powerful and effective remedy for lack of sense of belonging:

Celebrations of special employee moments that make it easy for organizations to mark employee birthdays, work anniversaries, and more in a way that gets the entire team involved and increases an employee’s sense of being accepted and valued by the group 

Quiz templates that can be easily customized to include important information about the company, its history, and its people and can help build a sense of truly being part of somewhere for every employee

Company social feed designed to keep employees in the loop with what’s going on within the organization and encourage the sharing of photos and posts in a way that strengthens the sense of community & belonging at work

Communities that allow colleagues to connect through shared interests, passions, and hobbies and help create a sense of fit for every member of a diverse workforce

business benefits of solving lack of sense of belonging

Lack of recognition

Ensuring every employee feels recognized for their work and appreciated by their employer, managers, and colleagues is a challenge for organizations regardless of industry and size.

We all seek recognition in our professional lives and are impacted by its presence or absence. Research shows that not getting adequate recognition is a primary reason for employees seeking employment elsewhere (with 44% of employees switching jobs because of not getting adequate recognition for their efforts). In addition, employee productivity and performance are 14% higher in organizations with recognition programs.

Investing in a robust recognition program is the way to go for organizations looking to increase retention, employee productivity, and employee performance.

Eloops’s powerful recognition features enable companies to easily implement such a program:

A peer-to-peer recognition tool that allows employees to recognize workmates (and managers to recognize their employees) for their impact, contribution, or conduct by rewarding them with company coins (The coins are redeemable for gifts in the company’s customizable virtual reward store.)

A public recognition tool  that gives recognition givers and receivers the option of having their messages of appreciation displayed on a public feed

Business benefits of solving lack of recognition

Lack of employee voice

Most companies manage to mount yearly satisfaction surveys of some kind, but recent research into survey frequency suggests that truly giving employees a voice requires much more. It turns out that the very act of surveying boosts employee engagement scores; organizations that conduct engagement surveys weekly record a highly engaged score of more than 2x that of organizations that do so once a year or less frequently.

Research also shows that, compared with companies with unengaged teams, companies with highly engaged teams have 81% lower absenteeism rates, 18% lower turnover rates, 18% higher productivity rates and are 23% more profitable.

Eloops’s survey feature facilitates an ongoing flow of employee feedback. It includes:  

Pulse surveys that provide companies with a real-time view of engagement and can be scheduled to repeat frequently (Eloops customers can use our expertly composed pre-made pulse surveys or create their own from scratch.)

Onboarding surveys that allow companies to collect feedback, identify problems in an employee’s onboarding and make their newest employees feel valued and heard from the get-go

Suggestion surveys that allow employees to give voice to their ideas for how to improve the company and make a real impact

business benefits of solving lack of employee voice

Lack of fun at work

While some may think that a fun work environment is a distraction that can negatively impact employee productivity, research shows that ‘all work & no play’ is far from the smartest business tactic.

Out of the top three things today’s employees (of all ages) find most motivating, it turns out fun wins out over recognition & growth. 90% find a fun work environment very/extremely motivating & 81% of those working in Fortune 100’s Best Companies To Work For say they are working in a ‘fun’ environment.

Eloops helps companies deliver employees an all-important dose of fun through a variety of features:

Timed quizzes with leaderboards that test your employees’ general knowledge about fun, popular and intriguing topics (from the NBA playoffs to world cuisine). You can use our pre-made quizzes as is, customize them, or simply get inspired and create your own. 

Challenges that turn ordinary tasks into fun missions and get employees to want to participate in various initiatives (for example, ‘no elevators day challenge’ to get employees moving or ‘share my favorite podcast challenge’ to build community by getting everyone to share something they like)   

Virtual company coins that are awarded for interactions in your Eloops app to make everything more engaging and fun. Reward employees for participating in your surveys, quizzes, and challenges, and for commenting, liking, and posting on your company social feed and watch your engagement levels soar!

Reward store where employees can redeem the coins they’ve earned for things they like. Your reward store can include cashless items, company swag, gift cards, and more – customize it to suit your company and budget.  

Business benefits of solving lack of fun at work

Lack of resources

HR professionals nowadays are tasked with an overwhelming number and variety of tasks, and 73% of them say they don’t have the tools and resources they need to do their job well.

Among other things, HR departments need to promote their initiatives, create engaging communications, deliver expertly designed surveys, and ensure that no employee birthday or special moment is forgotten. Performing these tasks well requires time, creativity, and labor.

Eloops helps organizations compensate for lack of these resources with:

Time-saving content templates that make up Eloops’s vast marketplace of over 500 content items, which HR can browse, choose, and schedule in advance to meet all their goals in minutes

HR-initiative automation with which HR can, among other things, ensure onboarding surveys are sent periodically to new employees and automate personalized celebrations on employee birthdays and work anniversaries

Business benefits of employee engagement - lack of resources

Lack of reach

Perhaps the most severe problem plaguing HR departments today, especially those whose primary communication channel is email, is the inability to communicate with the entire workforce. After all, 40% of employees say they always or at least sometimes ignore HR emails.

Without 100% reach, HR cannot communicate effectively. Ineffective communication hinders HR initiatives, including those aimed at turnover reduction; companies that communicate most effectively are 20% more likely to report below industry-average turnover.

Eloops provides a smart solution to this fundamental problem through:

Multichannel message delivery that allows platform admins to send their communications via multiple channels (SMS, push notification, email, or the messaging tool used by their organization) with a single click

Segmentation for targeting that allows platform admins to send the right message to the right people, thereby improving open rates and participation

Integrations with Microsoft Teams and Slack that gives HR the ability to reach employees where they are already working, collaborating, and chatting without interrupting their flow

Business benefits of employee engagement - lack of reach

Platform proliferation

Ironically, the proliferation of specialized platforms designed to assist HR in their various tasks has had an adverse effect. There are at least 17 different types of HR platforms, and not only is it a challenge to consolidate the data collected and stored on each platform but switching between them hampers productivity. 50% of employees say switching between different online tools and applications makes them less productive.  

Eloops addresses this problem simply by being three HR platforms in one, offering the best and most crucial features from three different HR software categories in a single all-in-one solution.

Organizations that use Eloops thereby benefit from:

  • A unified, fluid experience for their employees across all engagement drivers/tools, without the need to switch between different platforms
  • A single place from which admins can track and measure all employee activity across the three categories
  • Cost saving
  • Easier implementation
Business benefits of employee engagement - platform proliferation

Lack of analytics

Making a meaningful and measurable improvement in employee engagement requires analytics. To make smart people decisions you can’t work in the dark – you need to base your decisions on insights from data about how your actions impact your people.  

Among the benefits of a data-driven approach to employee engagement is the ability to deliver data-driven insights to leadership effectively; companies are 10 times more likely to be effective at providing insights to top leaders when they use people analytics well.

An engagement analytics dashboard allowing platform admins to measure the number of interactions per employee & department/segment, drill down to view performance per feature or communication item and recognize trends and the impact of specific efforts

A recognition analytics dashboard that provides a view of the state of recognition at your organization, both as a snapshot and over time 

Easily exportable reports that can assist HR in delivering insights to company leaders

Business benefits of employee engagement - lack of analytics

If you’d like to see Eloops in action and explore how it can meet your specific needs, book a demo with one of our engagement specialists today.


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