Mega company events—who doesn’t love them? But they take time to plan, cost a lot, and can be a logistical headache. And while they can bring departments, divisions, or branches together, if your team is distributed and spread across several continents, cities, or even buildings/floors, big, physical events just don’t cut it, not to mention that when they’re over…well, they’re over. So how can you keep employees engaged on a daily basis with minimal effort?

Go virtual!

In the past two years, a growing number of companies have turned to Eloops to create content that connects employees to the company and to each other—no matter where they are—in a fun and engaging way, while remaining in full alignment with company values and strategy. Read on for some of the most popular virtual initiatives we’ve developed for companies using the Eloops platform and app.

Virtual Wellness Hunt

The Eloops app, which is designed and created specially for your company and is not accessible by non-employees, is perfect for engaging your employees through daily trivia questions, weekly challenges, and monthly topics.

These days, one of the biggest focuses for companies is employee wellness and how to promote it in the workplace and at home, in addition to involving employees’ families in the process.

Want to make wellness a priority at your company? Use the Eloops app! Here’s how it works:

1. After downloading your company’s Eloops app, employees start receiving messages in their personal message center about company challenges (daily, weekly, and/or monthly) related to wellness and what they need to do.

2. They can also find indoor and outdoor challenges, as well as questionnaires on a variety of company- and value-related topics, on the app home page. Because the app goes with them, they can tackle challenges whenever and wherever they want.

3. Employees can then post their challenges and attempts in the central company-only feed to earn points and win prizes.

Companies choose when they want the challenges to launch (for example, around a holiday, product release, or a company anniversary), how long the hunt should last (for example, a week or longer), and whether they want the hunt to cover other topics they value. The options are truly endless—just reach out to our team to start crafting your hunt with us.

Gamified Sales Competition

When it comes to sales, more is always the goal. But how can you spice up your sales strategy and get your salespeople excited about selling?

For Eloops customers, the key lies in creating an engaging environment that doesn’t just have sales representatives pushing products, but also pulls customers into the stores in a natural and inviting way.

For example, Adidas recruited one of the soccer (football) players it sponsors to create a video challenge that it shared with its salespeople through their dedicated Eloops app. In the video, the player juggles the ball with his feet seven times. The eighth time, he catches the ball, looks at the camera, and challenges Adidas salespeople to record a shopper juggling more times than him. In other words… challenge is ON!

Salespeople across Adidas stores started handing out balls to visitors and daring them to beat the player. Suddenly, the stores were full of people juggling, laughing, and, of course, having a good time. Who can walk by and ignore that? The excitement in the stores drew curious passersby…who quickly turned into customers. Most importantly, the numbers spoke for themselves: in a single weekend, sales were 20% higher than any other weekend.

How can you get your salespeople excited about selling? Talk to our engagement experts, and we’ll get the ball rolling for you…

Gamified Onboarding

Employee onboarding—everyone has to go through it, but rarely is it very enjoyable. The truth, however, is that onboarding doesn’t have to be a chore; in fact, when you make onboarding fun, you give a first impression that’s anything but ordinary.

With Eloops, you can add a layer of gamification that gets new hires playing on their very first day. Setting up the app can be part of their meeting with HR, and from there, it’s all fun and games! The app guides the employee through his/her onboarding tasks, such as going to the IT department to pick up his/her laptop. At each stop, the employee gets a task, such as answering trivia questions about the department—Who has been at the company the longest? What guides the team? What’s their inside joke?—before being sent to the next destination. In no time at all, your new hire will go from newbie to knowing it all.

To wrap it up, at the end of a busy first day, the new team member is asked to share a selfie and intro post on the company’s private feed so everyone can get to know him/her and say hi.

Ready to create your employee onboarding game? Talk to us!

Virtual Escape Room

Who hasn’t heard of companies that have used escape rooms for team bonding? Usually the team either books a “field trip” to a nearby escape room or arranges for another company to set up an escape room/challenge onsite. Each option presents its own challenges, whether in terms of scheduling limitations or restrictions on the number of participants it can accommodate.

At Eloops, we offer a new kind of escape room: the CCSI VR Room, a virtual escape room that takes place on your company’s Eloops app and can fit, well, as many people as you need. Employees are invited into a room—three, actually—where they’re asked to investigate a crime by collecting clues, answering questions, and interviewing witnesses (virtually, of course). All of this takes place wherever your employees are, whether they’re in the office, on a business trip, or working from home, and it’s quick, fun, and easy.

Want to create a special themed escape room for your company? Try us!


Connect with Your Colleagues

Believe it or not, bonding and getting to know your team—or other teams—can be fun. With Eloops, your employees can sign into the app, where they’re asked to share a truth or lie about themselves or their position at the company, upload their baby picture, or provide some other piece of information. As a company, you define how long the challenge will last. During that time, participants in the game answer questions in an effort to get to know each other and collect points. To make it more fun (and competitive!), an in-app leaderboard tracks each player’s points.





Office Mafia

Get your employees thinking, interacting, and bonding with the virtual version of a classic icebreaker game!

To play, all your employees sign into your company’s Eloops app, where they’re assigned the role of “mafia” or “innocent.” The app gives the mafia tasks and challenges, such as hiding the office’s coffee pods or turning off all the lights in one of the rooms, which they have to complete without being uncovered. At the same time, the innocent players are on a hunt to uncover them. As soon as a mafia member completes a task, it’s published in the app feed, and the innocent players have to turn in the mafia to the company “police” if they know who they are. When enough people have uncovered the mafia members, they are revealed to all the other players.



What are you waiting for? Get playing!

A positive employee experience doesn’t exist in a vacuum and can’t be built from one-off events and occasional gifts of swag. The key lies in activities that keep employees engaged, interacting with each other, and connected to company values on a daily basis, yet are accessible and easy to run on a company-wide basis. Want to create positive virtual experiences for your employees? Talk to us!

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