Summertime is intern season at Eloops when our team becomes a little younger and even more fun with the addition of one or two college students. Last summer, we welcomed Sam Miles, a marketing major at Ohio State University. We got not only a new poker champion but also a creative and energetic teammate who made invaluable contributions to a slew of projects.

Here is what Sam wrote about what it was like to work at Eloops.


If you had asked me at the beginning of my summer in Israel to predict what I would miss most when I got home, I would not have put my job at the top of the list. However, here I am, sitting at home in Cincinnati, missing my internship more than anything else I did last summer in Tel Aviv. And no, it isn’t because I just love working. It’s because of the kindness of my colleagues at Eloops and their interest in my growth and development. I was surprised by how quickly I was integrated into the company and became friends with everyone. 

Eloops Checked All the Boxes

I came to Israel to gain some real professional experience in my first internship. During the interview process, I made it clear that I wanted a legitimate internship that I could learn and develop from. I also had my heart set on interning for a startup because I’m very interested in entrepreneurship. Eloops checked all the boxes. I think it was a perfect introduction to the world of startups, and it gave me so much confidence going into my next internship. I was treated like one of the employees, which is exactly what I wanted.

Practicing What They Preach

Eloops’ product is designed to create a social, engaging workplace environment, and the company genuinely practices what it preaches. 

On my first day, Tal sat down with me to give me an overview of the company, answer my questions, and most importantly, get to know me and my interests. Everything was laser-focused on helping me grow and develop, as well as on making me feel like a part of the Eloops family. During the summer, I worked on Eloops’s U.S. marketing efforts and content creation for the app itself. My big project in content creation was bringing Tal’s “Office Olympics” vision to life with a series of Olympic-themed quizzes and challenges. I truly enjoyed the creativity this project allowed me to bring to the table. I constantly collaborated and brainstormed with my colleagues throughout every workday, which gave me confidence going into any task. 

What I Learned About Running a Startup

On top of learning from working on my tasks, I learned a tremendous amount from simply observing. My favorite part of the day was attending meetings. I learned how important it is to keep all of the employees on the same page and focus on a common goal. Eloops’s CEO, Idan, has top-notch leadership skills that I hope to one day gain. Everyone was continuously bouncing ideas off each other and learning from one another. It was truly beautiful to see. 

I also made irreplaceable friendships and connections at Eloops that I will forever keep. The experience made me genuinely excited to enter the professional world. I’m so thankful for everything that Eloops has done for me, and I miss them so much already.


Thank You, Sam

We want to thank Sam for all of his contributions and help during his time at Eloops. We’re glad to have had a chance to host such a talented and enthusiastic intern.

We look forward to staying in touch, and we’re sure that our paths will cross again soon, though hopefully not in a poker tournament 😉

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