As part of our on-going efforts to bring in talented team members and people that will help us grow and spread the word – we work with interns from all around the world. Our interns join us for 2-4 months and get to experience the life of a startup and hands-on work on projects that make a great impact for us, our customers and employees globally.

This past summer we’ve had the pleasure to host 2 talented interns from Ohio that joined our mission in upgrading the way we all experience work. We asked them to share their Eloops experience from their view so you can learn more about our culture, values and how working with interns has benefited us (and them!)

Nathan Schweiger, 20, Ohio.

My Name is Nathan Schweiger and I am a Communications student at Ohio University. I spent this past summer interning at Eloops in Tel Aviv. I came to Israel looking for a job that would welcome me as their own and not make me feel like an intern but a Co-Worker. I did not only feel as a Co-worker but as a close friend to the others, I worked around. Eloops brings an amazing mindset of “Friends before Co-Workers”. Creating respect that we can all learn from each other no matter our status.

I think the future of the world is heading in the direction that Eloops is striving for, creating more engagement within a virtual and realistic world. It allows people to engage with each other but also gain overall happiness in their job environment they are seeking.

I feel blessed to have found the perfect job to work for this summer and plan to not just keep the connection of Eloops but the friendships I have gained through my entire experience.

In conclusion, I think anyone wanting to find the perfect job that gets you out in the “real-world” making impactful differences is Eloops. I did not necessarily know exactly what I would be doing when I first arrived but I didn’t need to. They gave me the confidence in any task I was going to endure. Giving me the drive to do amazing accomplishments I never thought I could. That kind of support is special, it makes one feel important which is a feeling most undervalued.

Eloops tutorials – On progress

Ben Smith, 20, Ohio.

Over the past two months, I have had the opportunity to join Eloops as a Business Development Intern in their Tel Aviv, Israel office.

Throughout my internship at Eloops, I was able to meet each of these goals that I had set for myself. I learned tangible business skills through my research project. I built on my business communications skills through regular meetings with my coworkers and presentations of my research. I also was able to narrow down what excites me about business and how I can apply my STEM background to a business career. I have found that the most important thing for me to have in a career is to be able to act as an advisor by researching the decisions a company can make and the effects that each of these decisions could have.

I had two main tasks for this internship this summer. These were conducting a competitor analysis and reaching out to a new market field to learn about how Eloops can continue to be developed to best meet their needs.

Both of these tasks required outlining an approach, reviewing it with the Eloops team, implementing the strategy, and revising it as we reviewed results. This research-like approach was familiar to me with my STEM background, but I have not used this approach outside of a lab setting. I compiled the final results of my work in a presentation and in several data sheets that Eloops will continue to build on after we returned home.

From my experiences this summer, there are several messages that I will take home with me.

From a professional standpoint, I have learned…

  • The value of culture to a productive workplace
  • The importance of having a purpose greater than yourself
  • Not taking yourself too seriously but demonstrating to others that you are serious about your mission

The above can be best described as an incredible display of “Level Five” leadership, a concept described by Jim Collins in his management book Good to Great. Collins describes “Level Five” leadership as leaders who display a powerful mixture of personal humility and indomitable will.

The team at Eloops taught me to be serious about your mission of changing the world we live in, but to have fun and approach the mission with an overwhelming sense of humility.

Each day, the focus was on the daily tasks but not without the scope of how it fits into a larger mission. The team at Eloops was dedicated to ensuring that our time here was not only impactful for the company, but also to our long-term educational goals. The combination of “Level Five” leadership with a family-like culture supported our growth throughout the duration of our time here. I look forward to continuing my relationship with Eloops and the team here for years to come!

Thank you

We wanted to thank Ben and Nathan for all their contribution and help during their time at Eloops and we’re glad we’ve had a chance to host such amazing and talented interns.

We look forward to staying in touch and we’re sure that our paths will cross again soon 🙂

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