6 Tips To Boost Employee Engagement

6 Tips to Boost Employee Engagement

(Through your communications)

Employee engagement is a crucial dimension of organizational success. When employees are positively engaged, companies experience lower turnover and lower absentee rates. As ever more employees are now transitioning into a remote or hybrid work environment, effective communication and using the right employee engagement platform is becoming even more essential. 

If you’re unsure where to start, here are six ways to boost engagement through effective employee communication.

1. Avoid Announcing

While announcing changes or new policies in an all-staff meeting seems to make sense, this type of communication often falls on deaf ears and fails to engage your employees. Instead, a more effective focus is to share news and ask questions. For example, instead of announcing what the CEO is going to talk about at an upcoming event, share the information and ask your employees what they would like to hear from the CEO.

To learn more about the importance of gathering employee feedback and giving your employees a voice instead of just announcing, read this blog.

 2. Make It Fun

Employee communication doesn’t have to be boring and dry. It can be fun! Think about how marketers design and write messages to be catchy and exciting. They use various images, illustrations, and infographics, along with beautiful designs and colors to catch the eye. Use the same tactics in your employee communications, whether that means including an amusing GIF or creating graphs or a word cloud to show survey or poll results.

If you’d like to learn more about how to create fun and engaging communications your employees will look forward to, read this blog.

3. Choose the Right Communication Channels

Not all communication channels are created equal. Some channels, like email, might be more effective for messages about process changes, or longer-format information that is intended to be referred back to. In contrast, messaging platforms like Slack are great for quick questions, updates and the sharing of hot news. They are most effective at providing an opportunity for employees to get clarification in real-time.

 When choosing which channels to use, consider how urgent the message is, how quick a response you need, and how your audience uses their time, before sending out your message.

4. Don’t Rush!

When it comes to employee communication, haste makes waste. Rushing when putting together a message can lead to misinterpretations and missed details. Worse yet, it can make employees feel like you don’t value the time you are expecting them to spend reading it.

Take the time to craft your messages carefully, ensuring that all the necessary information is included and that it is easy to understand. Avoid using corporate jargon and acronyms unless you’re sure everyone knows what they mean. Check & check again before sending. Ask yourself how you would feel receiving it.

5. Measure Your Communication Performance

Just like you would measure the success of any initiative or project, it’s essential to measure your communication performance. This can be done by analyzing your message open rates, click rates, and monitoring engagement levels. By measuring communication performance, you can identify which channels are most effective for various segments of your workforce and gain insight for how to improve engagement.

6. Use Reminders

We all need reminders at times and in a remote or hybrid work environment, with less in-person and real-time interaction, it can be easy to forget to communicate about important things! To combat this, explore automating repeating messages and set up reminders to go out too, to keep your employees fully informed about upcoming events, initiatives, and any information submission tasks they need to complete.


Effective communication is a sure route to boosting the kind of employee engagement that will keep your workforce more productive, happier and have a positive impact on your bottom line. Eloops is an employee engagement platform that can help you with this by providing an endless marketplace of pre-made content items and templates for your various communication needs, so you don’t need to become a content creator or hire designers to achieve great results!

If you’re looking for a unique way to boost employee engagement through your communications, we invite you to explore Eloops. Book a demo today to see the difference that our employee engagement platform can make for your workforce.

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