It’s Back To School, Fall will soon be with us and we have a still evolving ‘new normal’ to adjust to. We have all had to navigate unprecedented change the past year plus, and in life change is, as we know, inevitable.

We think there’s no better time than the upcoming change of seasons to focus the attention on the topic of ‘change’. Our newest content suggestions have been designed for you to equip and inspire your employees to embrace and make the most of it!

Acknowledging that change isn’t easy to navigate and providing supportive, inspirational and optimistic input in the form of engaging gamified items, is guaranteed to build your employees’ resilience and their emotional connection to your organization. Given that this is Eloops-created content, you can also be sure they will have some fun along the way!

Help everyone learn how to make the most of change this Fall and boost employee engagement with Eloops!

Get Comfortable With Change

Share some important insights that encourage & support as well as point to the benefits of change in our gamified quiz format.The How To Embrace Change Insights Quiz will help equip your employees with the best approach & attitude to navigate change. Then seek out your employees’ voice with a poll-with-a-twist about what change means to them. What is the twist?  What Does Change Mean To YOU? is a one-word poll!

Your app Feed is the ideal environment to encourage connection-building sharing, so go ahead and post our fun comments/photo challenge Change In Your Life, which invites your employees to share a recent change they have made. This way they will inspire each other to change things up too! And take the opportunity this month to get everyone thinking about who makes change happen at your company. Through our change-themed P2P Recognition activity, you can guide your employees to send their P2P coins to who they recognize as a #ChangeAgent in your workforce.

Inspire Change

You may be aware that a lot of people have had a lot to say about change throughout the ages! We have curated a small collection of thought-provoking Inspirational Quotes About Change from some well-known thinkers, to inspire and boost optimism among your employees. Provoke even more thought and discussion with our Work Life Refresh Challenge – what is more refreshing than releasing the old and embracing the new? To make this super-relevant to work performance, we have set this challenge in the work context. You will undoubtedly gain some valuable information through inviting your employees to share their change intentions for their work life.

Staying with change in your work environment… we encourage YOU to take the bold step to ask your employees what they think could change for the better at your company. We have created a Change For The Better Survey for you to give your employees the chance to speak up ‘anonymously’ and share what they think. This can provide insight for your future decisions and shows your employees you are listening!

Eloops allows you to choose an ‘anonymous’ setting for all your polls and surveys to encourage greater participation and generate more feedback for you to utilize. This is ideal for any topic your employees may hesitate to be openly honest about, and it reflects positively on you to provide them with this ‘safety’.

Have Fun With Change

Quizzes engage, generate healthy competition and permit your employees a few minutes of lighten-up time, aka fun! You will by now be starting to understand that the topic of ‘change’ is a very fertile source for engaging content. We have turned to movies & songs to compile two highly engaging trivia quizzes for your employees also on the theme of change. ‘All Change’ At The Movies is an entertaining quiz about changes that happened for movie characters. Change and music have always gone hand-in-hand – Songs About Change is a fun ‘guess the artist’ quiz featuring titles and lyrics from songs on the theme of change, complete with the song-clips, for your employees to enjoy.

Make The Most Of Special Opportunities In September

In addition, we have created a variety of quizzes, challenges and activities for you to use to keep your employees engaged & connected from the start of the month to the end!

Find out who your expert Trekkies are with our fun ‘who said it’ Star Trek Quiz to mark Star Trek Day on September 8th. Did you know that TV Dinners were invented almost 70 years ago? We have created a TV Dinner Challenge for you all to mark this on September 10th – feed your Feed by inviting your employees to share what they love to eat while watching TV these days. And get some warm fuzzy feelings going in your Feed in honour of #Grandparents Day on September 12th – invite your employees to share something they learned from a grandparent.

Navigating the Covid 19 pandemic has not been fun for anyone but some surprisingly positive things have come out of it. Help Positive Thinking Day on September 13th be truly positive for your workforce with a special quiz item about Positive Changes Thru Covid. You can both engage & surprise your employees with the intriguing Either/Or & True/False format we have created.

We know food is always highly engaging so we have a Guacamole Quiz for you all to enjoy to celebrate Guacamole Day on September 16th. We all love to ‘doodle’ and it’s said that our doodles reveal a lot about us! Generate connection, intrigue & fun by inviting your employees to share theirs in your Feed over the course Doodle Day on September 22nd. Then round off the month in a fun place with our #ComicsChallenge – find out who can make your workforce laugh most with an invitation to complete some comic-strip bubbles on Comic Book Day on September 25th.

Finally, we have also created some special items for you to mark & celebrate Happiness At Work Week September 20-24th. Of course we have, we’re Eloops! We encourage our customers to take a simple ‘pulse survey’ measure of employee happiness often and have created a simple slider format to make this quick and easy to complete.

Our Happy At Work Poll gives you the choice to measure with just the slider or add 2 further questions to deepen your understanding of the scores. We are always keen to share the latest research-based insights and our expertise so have created a unique Happiness At Work Quiz-With-Tips. This is designed for you to inspire and show your employees how they can take steps to boost their own happiness at work.

Eloops customers can choose from all of this new customizable pre-made content that is available in their dashboard now. If you’re ready to make a change, and powerfully boost employee engagement at your company, we are very much looking forward to showing you how!

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