Without doubt we have all been through a lot and the need to stay well by taking good care of ourselves and each other is on-going. The overall well being of each member of your workforce is now more important to support than ever before, as the whole notion expands to include ever more dimensions for our attention.

We have created a fresh collection of content items for you to boost and positively impact the well being of your employees in a variety of ways. Designed to deliver valuable information and engaging experiences that will support all aspects of their health, this content provides you with all you need to help your workforce stay well.  In true Eloops style, we have taken care to ensure your employees will have plenty of fun with this content too!

Help all of your employees learn how to be the wellest possible well beings this Fall and boost employee engagement with Eloops.

How To Be A Well Being

Eloops’ intriguing and informative insights quizzes are an ideal way to introduce and provoke thought about any topic and are especially suited to a multi-faceted theme such as this.

Our How To Be A Well Being item is an insights quiz with tips that takes your employees on a journey that involves body, mind and soul, and delivers some fundamental information in support of all three. It also concludes with a #BeAWellBeing invitation for them to share their own tips re what works for them with their workmates.

Let’s Stay Positive

The importance of maintaining a generally positive and happy frame of mind for overall well being is well-documented from a great range of research that has been conducted over the years. It isn’t that we should aim never to experience any negative emotions – they are a normal part of life – we are simply more resilient and able to make the most of life if we experience a greater proportion of positive ones!

We have designed several content items focused on supporting the achievement of this end result. Get your employees intrigued with our inspiring item What A Difference A Smile Makes. This delivers immediately actionable tips for them to make the most of the powerful and completely natural wellness booster we all have at our disposal at all times. Direct your P2P recognition activity in this direction too with #YouMakeMeSmile, that encourages your employees to recognize the workmates who have a positive impact on them. (And the ideal day to run this would be October 10th as it is International Smile Day!)

Music is known to have a profound impact on our mood so you won’t be surprised by our Happy Tunes quiz that not only challenges your employees’ knowledge about lyrics/artists but also treats them to a set of uplifting music clips they are sure to find themselves wanting to join in with. While mood boosting music is quite widely agreed on, in other ways we are quite different when it comes to what makes us feel good. Find out what wins in your workforce with our Happy Dilemmas item which is a form of poll that invites employees to choose between several photo-pairs (such as babies & kittens; a sunset & a rushing river) to indicate which has the greatest power to make THEM feel good. And you can double-up the engagement value of this by sharing the results in your feed.

Let’s Stay Healthy

There are some true fundamentals when it comes to maintaining our health so we have created a set of content items that explores them. Getting the right amount and quality of sleep is critical to our being able to function well, yet for so many this is a struggle. We’d hazard a guess that just about every one of your employees has experienced sleep difficulties at some point and they therefore possess some wisdom about how to overcome them. Strengthen the sense of community with our Sleep Tips Challenge that invites shares about what works for them so you can all become better rested.

There has been enduring debate over the brain or the heart being our more important ‘organ’. What do YOU think? What ever your view, you don’t have to choose when it comes to engaging content for your employees because we have created an intriguing item about each! Matters Of The Heart is an engaging and informative quiz designed to see who really knows the significant organ at the ‘heart ‘of the body. And Best Brain Boost Snack is a fun and helpful feed challenge that asks what they turn to when they’ve got some deep thinking or full-on focusing to do and want to boost their brain power. Well it’s simply not fair for them to keep this a secret from their workmates is it!

Regular health checks of all kinds are crucial in the ‘staying well’ picture. October is Breast Cancer Awareness month and we have prepared 2 pieces of content for you to mark this. The Early Detection & Survival Rates item delivers important and positive information that will also remind and encourage the scheduling of any appointments that might be needed. We have also come-up with a way for you to give your employees the opportunity to turn some of their virtual coins into a Breast Cancer Awareness Charity Donation.

Let’s Let Loose!

No-one can be a truly well being without some fun in their lives. The importance of lightening-up, letting ourselves laugh, even being a bit silly at times to enrich our experience of life, cannot be underestimated. And yes, this is also true for our work lives. This is why you will ALWAYS find a very healthy dose of ‘just for fun’ content in the Eloops marketplace! Coming-right up, some special opportunities in October…

We’re not exactly sure when ‘Fall’ starts officially but no matter! To mark the season, engage and entertain your employees with our fun Fall Songs quiz that features songs with ‘fall’ in their title. Of course we’ve also included the music clips for their enjoyment. Whether you will be having a day off or not on October 11th for Columbus Day, challenge your employees with ONE tricky ‘double or nothing’ question to mark it.And here’s something unusual and fun to run on Train Your Brain Day on October 13th: a Spot The Differences Challenge that asks them to count how many differences they can find between two graphics. Then you can post how many got the right number of differences and the visual solution in your feed later!

Food is always fun, right? There’s a whole week of reasons in October to make the most of it! International Dessert Day on October 14th is the perfect time to get your employees competing for a place on your leaderboard with our fun and delicious Dessert Quiz. World Food Day on October 16th provides a great opportunity to ask your employees about their Lunch Food Preferences at work, and generate some tips about the best food to be found around your workplaces. And to honor Apple Day on October 21st, invite your employees to dive into An Apple A Day which is a fun trivia quiz to find out who knows most about “nature’s perfect snack”.

Every year, without fail, the month of October ends with some fun activity that has now become very popular worldwide. It means fun for the oldest to the youngest, and for the famous to the unknown, it’s Halloween! Costumes are what it’s all about so this is what our Halloween content items are all about… Think your employees can guess who? Challenge them to work out the well-known people inside the costumes in our Celebrity Costume Quiz. Then keep the fun going by following-up with the Halloween Costume Challenge, that invites them to ‘treat’ you all to a peek of their costumes by sharing photos in your feed and also voting for a winner.

Eloops customers can start helping their workforce stay well by choosing from all of this new customizable pre-made content that is available in their dashboard now. If you’d like to be able to do the same, and powerfully boost employee engagement at your company, we are waiting to hear from you!

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