At Eloops we consider anything and everything inspiration for engaging content! Matching what is going on in the world, and especially what is going on in your employees’ world, always makes sense – it carries instant resonance, moreover it implicitly communicates that you understand they are human beings with human needs, no matter their level of seniority or work role.

Read on to find out about the content items we have been inspired to create to make the most of Summertime, so you can have fun delivering the most powerful employee experience this season.

Help Them Be All-Round Well Beings

Supporting the Wellbeing of your employees is a year-round must and no less important in Summertime, but how much do your employees know about Summer Wellness? A gamified  Quiz format makes the delivering of tips and facts immediately engaging and this one will let them know you want them to make the most of their Summer. Our fun Summer Wellness Quiz has been designed to deliver practical tips in the most engaging way. It’s important to know how to stay well in the heat of Summer!

The power of Recognition to motivate and elevate morale is well-documented. A smart way to boost Peer To Peer Recognition activity is with guided and appropriately themed suggestions. Not everyone knows how to ‘do’ P2P so to help them learn and to build the habit show them how and make it easy! We immediately spotted a great way to power-up here with a Summertime theme. We have created a #RayOfSunshine P2P Challenge that encourages recognition of workmates for being one of those ‘rays of sunshine’ who light up the room and everyone simply loves having around.

Seek Out Your Employees’ Voice

Ensure communication is 2-way through your platform by inviting your workforce to tell you what they think in some unique ways this season. Not everyone feels the same way about the Summer and all that comes with it, so we have created a duo of fun challenges for you to explore this across your workforce. These are feed challenges with a ‘twist’… on the face of it they are quite simple : Best Thing About Summer & Worst Thing About Summer. So what is the ‘twist’? Watch your feed fill-up with some creative responses as the challenge is for them to share their views without using words!

We’ve also created a fun poll for your employees. Often a topic of much debate & argument during Summertime – What Temperature Should We Have The AC?

You can stimulate some lively debate by running this poll where they’ll get to set their preference on a slider, then you can go ahead and ‘close the loop’ by publishing the results on this hot topic in your feed.

Summer With Our Kids

While school’s out you have the opportunity to especially recognize your employees who are parents. Juggling work commitments as well as keeping kids entertained is always a challenge in the long school Summer break. Our specially designed ‘family’ activities are designed for you to acknowledge the challenge and also provide some relief.

Who doesn’t love popsicles?!  The Creative Popsicle Challenge will be a particularly enjoyable adult-child activity for your employees. Announce this challenge and invite them to share photos of their creations in the feed.

And why should only the grown-ups get to have Olympics fun? Our 3 Kids Olympics challenges are designed to create a fun atmosphere while connecting your employees’ kids with your app. Encourage everyone to get active and get creative to fill your feed with videos and photos through these 3 fun activities : Hit The Target Challenge, Paper Plane Challenge, Photo Finish Challenge. Enjoy!

It’s The Olympics At Last

As we’re having a Summer of sport this year with the Japan Olympics getting underway at last, be sure to leverage your employees’ interest & enjoyment in your platform. WE found endless inspiration here and have created :

  • a bumper bunch of quizzes! Find out who has been paying attention at the medal ceremonies with our Flags Quiz that comes in 2 levels of difficulty. So much Olympics trivia that as well as a general Olympics Trivia Quiz we have had to create not 1 not 2 but 3 more for your employees’ enjoyment! The themes themselves are sure to engage, and they each represent an opportunity for your people to show their own competitive spirit to complete them fastest & get a great position on the leaderboard. The Obscure Olympic Sports Quiz is completely intriguing, the Crazy Olympic Moments Quiz is wildly entertaining, and we have a Famous Olympians Quiz for those who prefer the more serious side of Olympic ‘knowledge’.
  • fun challenges everyone can get involved with! It’s always fun to see friends and coworkers “way back when”! The Throwback Sports Challenge invites your employees to share pictures of themselves playing sports back in the day. Add a sure engagement boost to this challenge by inviting (encouraging!) your CEO and those in senior management to go first.

And now we have a question for you : who in your workforce do you think can produce the best trick shot? Well let’s all find out with the Trick Shot Challenge, an invitation to your employees to show off their creativity and skills in the form of trick shots. Unlike the real Olympics, they can use anything they want and have as many attempts as they choose, then post videos of their best on the feed for their colleagues to enjoy!

We think there’s no better time to generate some healthy competition between your employees, your teams & your departments than with the energy & inspiration that surrounds the Olympics. We encourage you to build your very own company Olympics in your employee app, complete with medals & awards ceremonies to most powerfully boost participation, engagement & fun!

Eloops customers can choose from all of our pre-made & customizable content that is now available in their dashboard. If you’d like to be able to deliver a powerfully engaging Summer for your employees too, it’s time to get in touch to book your demo.

Enjoy engaging all of your employees wherever they are in all kinds of ways this summer!

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