Companies around the globe are constantly creating new ways for us to interact with and experience our world. Innovation Day celebrates the intrepid explorers of new ideas and what their work changes about our future. Most particularly right now, we are globally grateful for the medical technologies that have found the way to tame the pandemic that we are still doing battle with.

Inspired by Innovation Day, Eloops has created an engaging Innovation Quiz for use on this day or at any other time, to provide employees with a few fun and intriguing minutes of ‘lighten-up’ time, to enjoy with their work colleagues in your platform.

Please click here if you would like a reminder of the importance of having fun at work!

Short fun quizzes like the Innovation Quiz, run with our gamification tools like a visible timer and a leaderboard, boost participation, enjoyment and engagement. Playing against the clock encourages getting answers right as quickly as possible & creates the personal challenge to get a great score. All employees being able to view a leaderboard takes the gamification up a notch as they can see how many of their colleagues have already participated and how they got on.

We are proud to have been featured recently by Forbes for our innovative approach, as one of the collaboration platform technologies destined to be around long-term.

And also by HR Executive Magazine for the unique role we are playing as part of the fast-changing employee experience technology landscape.

And click here if you’d like to explore Eloops’ whole range of pre-made content templates that can specifically help you highlight and boost Innovation across your workforce.

All Eloops clients have the Innovation Quiz available in their dashboards now to be scheduled for their employees’ enjoyment on Innovation Day or at any time they choose.

Just click here if you are thinking you would like to join them!

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