Maintaining morale, creating community and keeping employees engaged on a continuous basis is a challenge companies and organizations of all kinds need to meet. This on-going challenge is all the more challenging now, with workforces more distributed than ever before and hybrid models of working becoming a norm for the long term.

Here we’d like to illustrate how you can have continuous opportunities to solve this! By staying open-minded, remembering we are all human, and by fully leveraging the features in your employee engagement platform, you can continuously deliver the powerful and positive engagement results you are looking for.

What do we mean by staying open-minded? We mean being willing to consider anything and everything as a source for engaging content (exactly like we do at Eloops!) Add in your understanding that your workforce comprises human beings with human needs, no matter their level of seniority or work role, alongside your familiarity with the tools and features your employee engagement platform offers, and you can relax in the knowledge that you have truly endless possibilities!

Let’s explore an example. March is Peanut Month and was established by the National Peanut Board to celebrate this humble legume – that’s right and who knew, it is not actually a ‘nut’! Peanuts are packed with 30+ nutrients and vitamins and are a rich source of antioxidants. The earliest evidence of them being cultivated was in Peru nearly 8000 years ago, and they now have a place in many world cuisines in snacks, main courses, and desserts.

Is this starting to sound to you like ideal content for a trivia quiz?

Inspired by March being Peanut Month, Eloops has created a fun and engaging Peanut Quiz for use during March or at any other time.  Short fun quizzes provide employees with a few minutes of ‘lighten-up’ time to enjoy with their work colleagues in your app. Your gamification tools help you boost participation and engagement by having them play against the clock and race each other to the top of a leaderboard. Giving your employees permission to have a little fun like this, and providing regular opportunities for them to have that fun together, is a powerful way to build connection and a sense of community across your workforce.

Click here if you would like to review the importance of employees feeling a sense of belonging at work

And you can find out how to make the most of our whole range of quiz types to boost engagement here.

In our experience, content that is in any way ‘food-related’ is very popular with employees! Not surprisingly we have created numerous food-themed quizzes that the Peanut Quiz will now join, and we haven’t stopped there. Bonding over and through the sharing of food has been a source of positive emotion and enjoyment between people since time began, and your Feed is the ideal environment in which to activate this kind of activity.

Through challenges ranging from hot breakfasts to best sandwiches and invitations to reveal their traditional foods from childhood and their go-to comfort foods, your employees get to share a different part of themselves with their workmates, and at the same time your Feed becomes full of delicious photos and recipes. Continuing with our ‘Peanut’ example, perhaps there’s an invitation hiding in plain sight here for your employees to share how they use peanuts in their personal cooking repertoire?

Click here to visit our Marketplace to explore Eloops’ whole range of pre-made content templates and specifically those that harness the power of ‘food’ to engage and build connection in a way that will strengthen bonds in your workforce. We have carefully curated a series of Food-themed Quizzes and a series of Food-themed Challenges ready for you to schedule for your employees’ enjoyment – just look for the titles Food Glorious Food!

Eloops clients have the Peanut Quiz and all of our food-themed content available to them in their dashboards to be scheduled at any time they choose.

Just click here if you feel you would also enjoy having these delicious choices!

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