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NGF Europe Limited uses Eloops to bridge the gap between all employees, giving everyone an equal opportunity to get engaged

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Company Profile

NGF Europe Limited is a subsidiary of the NSG Group, one of the World’s leading manufacturers of glass products.

NGFE is at the forefront of the design, manufacturing, and marketing of specialized glass cord products used in synchronous drive applications.
Primarily used in the automotive industry, NGFE cord is also used in belts for domestic appliances as well as industrial machinery, office equipment, and power tools.



Company size: 


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Industrial products

St Helens, United Kingdom


Communication with a diverse workforce

Industrial products

St. Helens, United Kingdom

Company size:

Communication with a diverse workforce

"Eloops helps us bridge knowledge and communication gaps, improve our communication strategy, and have some fun while doing it"

The Challenge

The Continuous Improvement Department at NGF Europe Limited realised that most of its workforce had limited access to company information and fewer opportunities to get engaged and aligned with company culture. Seeking to ‘continuously improve,’ the department started looking for a communication platform to help them:

  • bridge the communication and knowledge gap between all employees at all levels of the business
  • ensure all employees are kept up to date with company-wide communications, from safety updates to fun and lighthearted stories  about the company and its people
  • ensure all employees have opportunities to voice their opinions and get heard
  • gain engagement analytics to monitor and improve their efforts
Eloops testimonial
Within the first 6 weeks of going live with Eloops, 96% of the workforce were ready to sign up, from factory workers to the Managing Director.
Peter Lai
-Continuous Improvement & 4IR Manager

The Solution

Eloops was chosen as the best way to revolutionize the internal communication strategy at NGF Europe Limited. Peter Lai and Nini Tuedon of the Continuous Improvement Department could see that it would not only help them bridge the gap between employees at all levels but also provide a platform where everyone has an equal opportunity to get engaged and be rewarded for their engagement. 

The key factors in their success were:

p4 engine belt
Eloops Customer Story - NGF feed
Eloops testimonial
It's a very easy way to share information and give employees the opportunity to have a peek at what goes on within different parts of the business and how their own contributions help make a difference.
Discover employee engagement content in the Eloops marketplace
Nini Tuedon
-Continuous Improvement & Digital Communications System Analyst

The Result

Through Eloops, NGF Europe Limited’s workforce has become much more connected, informed, and engaged.

With 85% of the workforce using the app each week, the social feed has helped everyone stay in the loop. Allowing employees to post and comment on the feed has proven to be a great way to build camaraderie across departments and break down communication barriers between staff and management. The ability to reach everyone with interactive communications they look forward to receiving (because they get rewarded for interacting) has helped close significant knowledge gaps and boost engagement. Moreover, using surveys (and acting on the results) has improved company morale and made employees feel their voice is being heard.

Three weeks into using the app, NGF’s Eloops admins surveyed the workforce about the app’s impact and what they like about using it. Here’s a representative sample of their responses:

Eloops customer story - NGFE cord

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