The Do Different Challenge

Improve all aspects of your employees’ wellbeing with a journey of fun and engaging challenges to avoid the boredom, low mood and mental fog that come from ruts and routines.

A broad range of easy to do challenges designed to re-energize and refresh your workforce physically, mentally and emotionally. Invigorate your employees’ experience and positively impact all aspects of their wellbeing.

Upgrade the energy levels within and across your workforce by inviting your employees to have fun shaking-up their routines. Benefit from a challenge journey with built-in gamification and bonding through shared experience, that results in a re-energized workforce for your organization.


Re-Energize your workforce and improve all aspects of your employees’ wellbeing.

Inspire and engage with a journey of fun challenges to avoid the boredom, low mood and mental fog that come from ruts and routines.


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– Inject new energy into your workforce in a way that will improve all aspects of your employees’ wellbeing. Support your employees in a fun and engaging way they can all share, to counteract the ruts they may have fallen into and the routines and habits that may not be so good for them.

– Invite participation in a challenge journey that involves everything from the muscles & the taste-buds, to the braincells and more. Offer them challenges that involve their exercise, their food, their music and beyond. Make it fun to ‘do different’ and give your employees the opportunity to refresh and re-energize themselves.

– Built-in gamification ensures it is fun and bonding results from the shared experience. Benefit your employees personally and professionally, and individually and collectively, in a way that will bring new energy to your workplace.




– All of our habits can either support or undermine our wellbeing so it definitely makes sense to review them. Ruts and routines can lead to boredom, low mood and mental fog – not good for any of us OR for our organizations!

– Based in the sound thinking of Albert Einstein : “If you always do what you always did, you will always get what you always got”, you can inspire your employees to shake things up with this journey of fun, easy-to-do challenges across the period of a week or more.

– Designed to impact your employees’ physical, emotional and mental wellbeing, the Do Different Challenge will refresh and re-energize your workforce both personally and professionally to comprehensively benefit your whole organization.


Example Challenge (Hand-Switch) :


HAND-SWITCH – Are You Ambidextrous?

Only 1% of the world population can use both hands with equal skill.

Your challenge for today is to use your non-dominant hand!

This in fact confuses your brain… studies show that when we use our dominant hand just one hemisphere of the brain is active, but when we use the non-dominant hand, both hemispheres are, which may result in thinking differently and becoming more creative.

So try writing, reaching for things, operating your screens and using the TV remote with your ‘other’ hand for a day and wake-up a part of your brain that may be snoozing!


Re-Energize and improve the wellbeing of your workforce in a highly creative way with the Eloops Do Different Challenge.

The Eloops Do Different Challenge is available for the exclusive use of clients with an annual subscription.

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1-3 days, 3+ days

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