Engage your employees with a few minutes of fun & generate some healthy competition across your workforce. Boost your employees’ positive experience at work.

3 trivia quizzes designed to intrigue your employees & get them thinking on the theme of Summer. Get them scratching their heads about : Summertime, Summer Songs & Beaches.

Give them the opportunity to earn coins & compete with each other, & also learn some fun facts along the way!


Make the most of the power of Trivia Quizzes to engage your employees.

Deliver them a few minutes of fun, boost their positive experience at work, & generate some healthy competition across your workforce.

Engage them by inviting them to test their general knowledge on the theme of Summer.


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Summertime has the ability to put all of us in a good mood wherever we are located. These quizzes that are full of Summer fun & sunshine are guaranteed to help you deliver a mood boost for your employees.

Whether your employees have travelled widely or not, knowledge about the World has value, whether already known or yet to be learned.

The Quizzes included in this Quiz Pack are short (4 questions each), informative, & light-hearted.


Invite your employees to test their knowledge on:

– Summertime around the World

– Summer Songs

– Beaches


This Pack of 3 Quizzes allows you to run a series of Quizzes under the ‘umbrella’ theme of ‘Summer’ over any time period you choose.

Each Quiz delivers your employees instant gratification & reward in the form of coins for their wallets. You can create an overall competition (across all 3 quizzes) or declare a ‘winner’ for each individual Quiz.

Winners at any stage gain not only a personal reward in the form of coins, but also a sense of public recognition for their knowledge & achievement when you publish a Leaderboard.

Through the use of gamification, Trivia Quizzes are proven to attract high participation & engage employees in a way that boosts their positive experience at work.


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1-3 days, 3+ days

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iOS / Android Device


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