’Drink-Up’ Challenge

Reap the benefits of a happier, more positive & more engaged workforce with this content-rich journey around the theme of ‘drinks’.

There’s a key challenge involving water that also delivers a powerful health boost. Everyone loves a Quiz & you will find not one or two but three different ones included here! You can involve your employees’ families in some creativity with mixing cocktails & mocktails, & in some storytelling about Lemonade.

Roll-out this varied content across the time period of a month or more to powerfully engage your employees through both competition & connection.


The 6 activities within this journey can be run across the period of a month or longer… 6 weeks means your employees will be presented with something different each week!

A longer journey like this with activities tied to a single theme (in this case ‘drinks’) intensifies engagement – your employees will be waiting for the next piece & opportunity to participate, share, & earn coins.

This journey is an opportunity for you to generate some healthy competition, build connection through sharing & story-tellin &  deliver your employees a health-boost, with a whole lot of fun built-in.



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All activities have been designed to engage your employees (& also their families at times) in a variety of fun ways & deliver them a health-boost too!


ACTIVITY #1 is a Water Quiz

Water Water Everywhere! Get everyone thinking about all things ‘water’… help them cool-off if temperatures are soaring with this fun Water Quiz.

ACTIVITY #2 is a Water Intake Challenge

Water is known to be the best and the most natural hydrating liquid, but we all know how hard it is to drink the recommended amount. Motivate your employees and deliver them a health boost too with this fun Water Intake Challenge.

ACTIVITY #3 is Cocktails & Mocktails Magic

Invite your employees (& their kids) to have some fun conjuring-up and sharing some special drinks with their colleagues. Do they like Pina Coladas? Do they know their Margaritas from their Mojitos?

What’s their favorite & when did they first taste it? Take the opportunity to get their kids involved too because ‘Mocktails’ are just as much fun!

Invite them to make their drinks taste good and look good & then show them off in the Feed – you can award prizes for the most creative Cocktail & Mocktail concoctions.

ACTIVITY #4 is a Tea Quiz

Let’s Take Tea! Tea is the second most consumed drink in the world (after water!) & many countries have traditions around it. Just how much do your employees know about tea? Invite them to enter the wonderful world of tea with this fun Tea Quiz!

ACTIVITY #5 is Lemonade Stories

Harness the power of story-telling to connect people, & get your employees (& their kids!) involved in enjoying some homemade Lemonade! invite your employees to share their memories from childhood about Lemonade in the Feed. Do they perhaps have a story to tell about ”When life gives you lemons, make Lemonade”? AND mmmm-hmmm Homemade Lemonade! 🍋🍋🍋 Give them a recipe if they need one & encourage them to get their kids involved in making some… to help them create some Lemonade Stories too!

ACTIVITY #6 is a ‘Cheers’ Quiz

You can neatly round-off your Drink-Up Journey with this ‘Cheers’ Quiz that will get your employees scratching their heads about what people around the world say when they are having some drinking fun! Have them check if they would know what to say! And perhaps there can be a special ‘liquid’ prize for whoever tops your Leaderboard? 😉

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