P2P Recognition Challenge

Encourage your employees to boost each other and bring you organizational happiness in a fun and experiential way.

We’ve created 3 recognition challenges to help your employees have a good reason to make their workmates happy.

Each challenge will ask the employee to recognize an employee or employees for different reasons and in different ways. At the end of this activity, you can be sure that the mood of numerous employees will improve and they will very much appreciate their work place and their work friends!


Encourage your employees to boost each other and bring you organizational happiness in a fun and experiential way.


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The 3 recognition challenges we have created will help your employees show appreciation for their work friends in the following ways:

– In the first challenge, we warm their hearts and invite employees to send virtual coins to as many of their colleagues as they wish, and to appreciate them for the positive character traits they have.

– In the second challenge, employees will receive a “sack of coins” that they can pass on to their Best Friend At Work – all coins to them only!

– In the last challenge, employees will be able to say thank you and send coins to their Superheroes at work who save them in difficult moments; when help is needed, ideas run out or they just need some good advice.

Each day of the challenge, your employees receive virtual coins that they can pass on to their friends at work.

The Recognition Challenge will help you improve how your employees feel, no matter where they are.

In each challenge, employees will receive virtual coins that they can transfer as they choose to their work colleagues. With each transfer they make, employees select the number of coins and write the reason for the transfer.

Each challenge features different reasons why friends at work can be recognized and appreciated.

Employees who have been involved in this challenge share that they did not believe how much such a small message and virtual coins could improve their mood, their motivation and overall sense of wellbeing!

And we’ll tell you it’s not really about the virtual coins … it’s simply a chance for people to say and hear thank you!

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1-3 days, 3+ days

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iOS / Android Device


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