Do Things Outdoors Challenge

There are a variety of benefits of the Outdoors that powerfully impact our mood, creativity & overall sense of wellbeing. This journey presents your employees with a series of simple challenges they will not only find fun to complete but will also find themselves feeling better as a result of doing so.

This journey invites your employees to first take a Quiz then to Eat, Sleep & Meet Outdoors, & then to Repeat! Suggestions are given for how they can do this plus they are invited to suggest another activity with which to challenge their colleagues themselves.

The entire journey can be pursued across a time period of one month, & they will earn coins for everything completed. The overall winner can be awarded an outdoor themed prize.


The Do Things Outdoors Challenge includes a Quiz & 4 specific activities that can be run across a time period of one month. Employees (& their families!) can be set a new ‘outdoor’ challenge each week.

The initial Quiz & the challenges are designed to be fun. They will boost your employees’ well-being in a variety of ways as they become more aware & do things that are part of their day-to-day outdoors. This will help your employees get the many benefits of the outdoors and your company to achieve a more positive, creative & energized workforce.

This journey presents your employees with a quiz to get them thinking & a series of challenges they will not only find fun to complete but will also find themselves feeling better as a result of doing so. Sharing their experiences also builds connection in your workforce community, by allowing others a glimpse of their lives outside of the work environment.



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Benefits Of The Outdoors Quiz

Get things started with this fun & informative 4 question Quiz to get your employees thinking about the subject.

Challenge #1 is Eat Outdoors

Most people agree food tastes better when eaten outdoors but there is little agreement about why!

The closest ‘scientific’ explanation is that evolution has programmed us to relax in nature. Nature calmed our nervous system down after being in a fight-or-flight scenario and it still can have this effect on us now.

Help your employees think about a picnic, a BBQ, coffee & cake at sunrise, or drinks & bar snacks for sunset. Invite them to make a plan and show everyone what they enjoyed (and where they enjoyed it) in the Feed.

Challenge #2 is Sleep Outdoors

There are at least 5 good reasons to sleep outside at least twice a year! It resets our circadian rhythms and gives our immune system a boost. It helps our body and our brain function better and speeds up our metabolism. And best of all, it’s good for our mental well-being.

Maybe some employees feel like camping out one of these nights? Or why not encourage them to find somewhere nice and shady for an afternoon nap? Maybe they can even capture a pic to share of someone (or something) enjoying sleeping outdoors?

Challenge #3 is Meet Outdoors

Research suggests we are nearly 100% more likely to think creatively when walking rather than sitting! So our suggestion for how to meet this challenge is to arrange/run/suggest a ‘walking meeting’ outdoors involving at least one other person! Ask for selfies & for people to tell everyone how it worked for them in the Feed.

Challenge #4 is Repeat!

Once your employees have met the challenges to Eat, Sleep and Meet outdoors, invite them to repeat! Let them earn themselves bonus coins by repeating an additional thing in any or all 3 of the categories.

This is also a good time for you to invite further suggestions. Put more bonus coins on offer here – can your employees think of some different things to challenge their workmates to do outdoors? (Maybe to sing or dance or paint?) Then the best could be featured in the journey as Challenge #5!




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