Estee Lauder Case Study

Building Company Culture Across 45 Sites

Learn how Estée Lauder Companies, a top leading cosmetic retail group of companies nationwide, engages and aligns their employees.

Building Company Culture Across 45 Sites

Learn how Estée Lauder Companies, a top leading cosmetic retail group of companies nationwide, engages and aligns their employees.


Estee Lauder Companies Israel is part of the global Estee Lauder Group that consists of brands such as: Estee Lauder, Mac, Bobbi Brown, Clinique, Jo Malone London and more. We have always used the best ingredients and the latest technology to create superior products.
But we also have a secret ingredient that truly distinguishes us: our ‘High-Touch’ approach that guides us to deliver outstanding personalized service and education to our consumers. Bringing the best to everyone we touch and being the best in everything we do.


Why Estée Lauder needs Eloops

We chose Eloops because we knew their pre-made content and presentation of usage data would help us save valuable time and move forward to achieve goals that are important to us as a group.

Connect diverse & distributed employees

As the HR team, we handle the 600+ employees of the group who work under our different brands, at the recruitment stage, during their training and on a day-to-day basis. Our company’s employees are diverse, of all ages, and are physically located in many different company stores.

Build company culture

We were looking for a way to effectively strengthen our collective corporate culture. We wanted a tool for organizational internal communication that would keep employees connected and up to date, and allow us to emphasize organizational happiness.

Assist busy HR team

To achieve this the ability to create content and manage organizational communication is required. Because the team is busy with ongoing HR tasks, we looked for a solution that would help us save time creating content and distributing it widely and in a personalized way among team members.


How the company achieves its employee engagement goals with Eloops


Each month we choose different values that we wish to promote, such as: connecting the whole company, giving employees recognition, and contributing to the community.


Eloops provides us with the content to help us connect our employees to the values we have chosen


Employees are rewarded for all of their interactions with our virtual currency: ELCoins. Coins earned can be transferred to workmates to recognize their efforts and contribution, and accumulated coins can be converted into a salary bonus.


How Estée Lauder Companies use content to engage their employees

identify the brand

This is a quiz played over the course of a week or more, featuring close-up photos of a variety of the company’s products. It’s a fun way to introduce our different brands to all employees in the group in the form of a game. 

have you met?

This format is designed to be informative and to build connection. We create a short and interesting spotlight featuring the individuals who provide services such as Training to the company’s employees. It is important to us that everyone knows who plays these important roles and how to contact them.

Who Do You Want To Surprise?

This activity provides the opportunity for our employees to share about someone who is important to them and do something nice for them, on us! We ask them to name someone they are close to that they’d like to surprise with a package of our various brands. We have received dozens of moving stories and we draw the winning names from all submitted. 

The Product I Love To Sell

Another approach to growing everyone’s awareness of the broad range of products under our Estee Lauder Companies umbrella, and this time with a personal element built-in. We ask store employees to share in the feed which product they most like selling and why. We find a great sense of pride shines out from these submissions and that such pride is contagious! 

Idea Box

The box we have created into which employees can send their ideas directly to us is very popular. We are keen for our employees to feel they have a voice and welcome all of their input on how we can improve the company and all aspects of their employee experience.


80% of our employees are active on the app every month

  • We have a high level of participation in the various activities and receive excellent feedback from our employees.

  • We are encouraged to see how employees share their stories and compete in company trivia games in their free time.

  • The sense of our being one company has grown and everyone’s awareness of the scope of our product range has increased.

  • We measure participation in all of the different activities and with the help of these insights, we plan activities and content that will be part of our future employee journeys in a better way.

  • We are also very excited to be implementing an automated New Employee On-Boarding Journey for new Estee Lauder Companies’ employees nationwide.

"With the help of Eloops insights, we measure participation in the different activities and plan the activities and content that will be part of the next employee journey in a better way."
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HR Team

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