Awesome virtual team building activities for distributed workforces

Virtual team building activities for today’s workforce

Do you have a remote or distributed workforce? Allow everyone to take part in your company team building activities, regardless of their location and schedule, by letting your employees participate when and where it is most convenient for them.

Virtual team building activities companies need

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What are Virtual Team Building Activities by Eloops?

Eloops team building activities are made up of a themed set of fun and engaging pre-made content items that your employees can participate in collectively, no matter their time-zone or where they are physically located. Our virtual team building activities have been expertly designed to promote and deliver on what we know companies care about the most, such as: wellness, recognition, connection & company pride.


Virtual Wellness Activity

Want your employees to value wellness and take care of themselves? Give them an experience that makes it fun & gets them involved!

The Virtual Wellness Activity embraces mind, body & soul to get everyone in your workforce into action. While having fun with a variety of challenges and quizzes, they are inspired and informed during this event to stay well & adopt healthy habits for the long-term.


Virtual Recognition Activity

A single moment of recognition can mean the world. Super-charge your recognition culture with a virtual event designed to make every one of your employees feel great!

This activity ensures your people both understand & experience being a giver and a receiver of recognition in a truly unique way, through a range of challenge and quiz items in combination with Eloops Peer-to-Peer recognition feature & creating your own virtual company coins.

Company pride

Company Anniversary Celebration

Don’t miss the annual opportunity to help your people feel proud to be part of your organization. Celebrate your anniversary with a powerful virtual event that puts your products & your people in the spotlight.

Invite every employee to celebrate your company’s history & achievements, provide the opportunity for them to showcase their teams, and to get to know your activities & your leaders better, through a range of engaging items guaranteed to boost sense of belonging, and leave everyone glowing with pride!

Olympic Games


On your marks… Get set… Go!

There’s nothing like a competion to strengthen bonds & connection & create the opportunity for your employees to have some fun together.

Your company Virtual Olympics invites everyone to participate, even younger members of the family, in a range of Olympic ‘events’ specially designed to be completed wherever they may be. What can you expect? Olympic pen collecting, sticky-note stacking, paper plane flying and a set of Olympic-themed quizzes that you build into one big medal-ceremony worthy event.

What are you waiting for? Start training now!

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Detailed reports & insights

Measure the performance of each communication. Get the full picture with our activity graph. Track your KPIs: opens, clicks, views, shares and completions.

Powerful virtual activities in 5 simple steps

With Virtual Team Building Activities by Eloops, planning and executing a super successful virtual activity for your workforce is a breeze!

choose what matters to your organization

Our activities are designed to help you promote your most important initiatives: 

  • Supporting employee wellness
  • Building cohesive teams
  • Strengthening your culture of recognition
  • Enhancing employee sense of belonging through company anniversary celebrations
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Customize or use as is

Take a look at each content item in the collection you chose and approve or customize it.

  • All items have been expertly created and tested by our experienced engagement specialists.
  • Customize an item to suit your company and needs: change the wording, replace graphics, and add or delete quiz questions.

how intensive will your activity be?

Make your activity as long or short as you wish – it’s up to you. Decide whether to spread out the content items over a month, a week, or a single day!

  • Set a start and end date for your event.   
  • Change or confirm the date of each content item.
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Invite your employees to Participate!

You’re ready for some company!  To invite everyone, you’ll need to either manually upload a static member list or have your IT team meet with us to connect Eloops to your active directory. 

REward Participation

Incentivize participation and add an extra element of fun by rewarding challenge submissions and quiz completions.

  • Set up an in-app reward store and let your employees redeem the points they’ve accumulated for things they like.
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Activity Plan

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$ 500 per 50 employee
  • $1 per additional employee
  • Unlimited content items
  • 10 admin seats

Frequently Asked Questions

Virtual Team Building Activities by Eloops is designed to help companies engage their employees wherever they are, with company-wide ‘event’ experiences. It is used by HR and Events teams looking for expertly-designed culture-building initiatives around different themes, that can be delivered to employees with ease.  

No, employees do not need to download an app in order to participate. Alongside native apps for iOS and Android, Eloops offers multiple communication channels like: Web App, Slack integration, Microsoft Teams integration, SMS and Email.

The minimum price is $500 per activity. This includes up to 50 employees. If you would like to add more employees, the cost is $1 per additional employee. So, for example: The pricing for 150 employees is $600 ($500 for the first 50 employees + 100 additional employees @ $1 each).

Each activity includes a variety of quizzes and challenges. Some of the quizzes include ‘live leaderboards’ and the challenges invite both comment, photo and video submissions.

The content items have been created by the content experts at Eloops and our Admins Community; other managers who have created content from scratch and chosen to share it with all of our customers.

Yes, you can! Every pre-made activity item can be edited as you wish. You can change the text, the graphics, the rewards earned etc.

You can make your activity as long or as short as you wish. Spread out the themed activities over a month, a week, or even contain them in a single day! Simply set a start and end date for your activity and confirm the date for each activity within it.

Your whole activity can be a competition for your employees! They will earn virtual coins for every activity they participate in, giving everyone the opportunity to ‘win’ the activity. There is also a built-in element of competition with all of the quizzes through the ‘leaderboard’ feature.

Yes. You can have 10 admins per event.

 Yes. The platform can provide detailed performance reports and analytics, such as:

  • Participation, submission and completion metrics
  • Top engaged employees/segments
  • Most engaging content item 
  • Most engaging content type

Not at all! Eloops was built to be simple and user-friendly. Our admin dashboard is easy to use for anyone and does not required any technical skills. 

We don’t offer a free trial, but we do offer a demo event so you can play around and feel how it works. Want to see Eloops in action? Book your demo here.

Virtual Events by Eloops are ‘plug & play’. You can set-up & schedule your event immediately on completion of your purchase.

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