Wintertime provides an abundance of employee engagement opportunities!

This engagement journey is designed to build connection, spread positive feelings and deliver some elements of fun beyond the holiday celebrations of Wintertime. The journey includes both a food and a drink challenge, a bunch of global fun facts and a Winter-themed movie quiz!



Make the most of the opportunity to build connection, spread positive feelings and deliver some elements of fun across your entire workforce, beyond the holiday celebrations of Wintertime.

– Entertain your employees and get them competing with each other with this fun & challenging Winter-themed movie trivia quiz! Invite everyone to bundle-up & wrap-up warm to enjoy Winter At The Movies and have some fun finding out who knows their movie trivia best.

– Some Fun Facts have been collected for you to share with your employees about Winter season around our globe in Around The World In Wintertime. You can present them with some things of interest to enjoy (and that they probably didn’t know!)

– There’s no better time than Wintertime for you to spread some all-important warm & nourishing happy feelings across your workforce with a Comfort Food Challenge that invites them to share their ‘go to’ Winter comfort food with their colleagues, preferably with a mouth-watering pic!

– And don’t miss the opportunity of what just might be the most delicious challenge of all… make the most of the Winter atmosphere and invite all of your employees to get involved with the Super Amazing Hot Chocolate Challenge. Search out the employee who is able to make the most Super Amazing Hot Chocolate and reward them for making your entire workforce drool!

Cancellation Policy


Activity Duration

1-3 days, 3+ days

Tech Requirements

iOS / Android Device


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