An engagement journey about Teamwork at work, full of insight & inspiration that will help you improve how your employees work together.

Whether the ‘team’ is your entire workforce or any smaller group responsible for a specific area within it, this journey will boost your employees’ sense of & knowledge about Teamwork wherever they are.


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The Work Team Photo Challenge invites individual team members to share their personal stories about their work team.

In contrast, the encouragement to submit a Meet Our Team form is a collective activity they can engage in together.

The Insights About Teams Quiz is cleverly designed to result in deepening your employees’ understanding about how Teamwork works at work!

And our curated collection of Inspiring Quotes About Teamwork is designed to do just that… inspire!




Utilize any and/or all of these content pieces to create a Team theme week or run them over a longer period of time to gradually build awareness and knowledge through the various activities.

The optimal functioning (& dysfunctioning!) of people working together in all kinds of environments has been studied & discussed at length. Some of the findings are both surprising & important to know. And much of what has been observed is both thought-provoking & wonderfully inspiring.

Through participation your employees will not only deepen their sense of & knowledge about Teamwork wherever they are, but also have fun doing so!

Here is your opportunity to engage, educate and entertain, in a way that that will also help you improve how your employees work together

The Eloops Teamwork @ Work Journey is available for the exclusive use of clients with an annual subscription.

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Activity Duration

1-3 days, 3+ days

Tech Requirements

iOS / Android Device


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