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Platform Overview For Employee Training & Education

Engaging, social and gamified learning experience

Create a place where employees can share moments, experiences, successes and stay in loop and connected with their collegues and branches.
Employees are using social networks on a daily basis, why shouldn't your company have its own?


Quizzes, polls, Trivias, procedures and resources

Use our built in tools to create and deliver a learning and training experience that is personal, fun and effective.
Make important information reachable where ever you employees are.


Mobile training hub

All courses and important resources are in reach with a few clicks.
Create courses, quizzes and even competitive Trivias while tracking progress and milestones.


Reach the right employees with the right content

Whether it's a managers course, session or on-boarding activities for new employees or branches, we've got it all inside.
Use built-in templates for courses or create your own.


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Employee Training Features

Employee Personalization

We help you reach employees at the right time with the right action you should take.
Whether it's an employee's birthday or an un-happy employee, we've got your back.


Create and manage all events in one place. Turn one-time events, meetings and sessions to social and memorable experiences for attendees.

Challenges & Activities

Spark engagement and positive competition between employees, branches and groups with unique in-app challenges and activities.

Team Building Activities

From outdoor and indoor activities to cross branches games, trivias and challenges.
Run engaging activities that bond and connect between team members directly inside your app.

Social Feeds

Enable employees to share moments, photos, videos and posts to private feeds and make sure all your employees are always in the loop.


Make your network even more personal and intimate with groups your employees can join within your main network. Someone said a "Yoga Group"?

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