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Create you branded company app and connect your employees to an engaging, social and gamified experience with an app built built for them and their needs.

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Employee App Overview

Give employees a voice and a place to be heard.

A social network and private feeds where employees can share moments, successes, milestones and view company-wide live feed.
Keep your employees in the loop and make sure they are always connected to the company culture and vibe.


A personalized inbox.

No more email clutter or hundreds of chat windows.
Employees have a personal inbox where only relevant messages/notifications appear.


Activities, challenges and contests

Inspire positive competition between employees and branches with built-in activities, challenges, games, contests and content you can enable with a click of a button for your social network.
Browse and explore hundreds of pre-made activities, templates and challenges ready to run for your employees.

Boost moral and create a gamified workplace experience.


People directory

Employees can search, find and connect with each other in an advanced yet easy to use people directory.
Create connections that reach well beyond your employee app.

A branded mobile app released to the app stores

Ampliphy your brand, company culture and create a social network app that's unique and truly valued by your employees.

Your employees deserve it.

You don't expect your employees to settle for less. You shouldn't either.

Bring your employees together in an app created and crafted just for them. Boost engagement and deliver a unique employee experience and workplace vibe.


We've put your employees in first place when we designed and built Eloops.
We believe in creating apps that employees value for companies that love and appreciate their employees.

Real-time employee feedback

Make it easy for employees to provide you with important information, insights to make better decisions based on real input from your employees.

Polls & Surveys

Create pulse polls to are fun, and simple for employees to answer directly from their mobile devices.

Anonymous Feedback

An easy and secure way for employees to provide anonymous and honest feedback directly in-app.

Quizzes and Trivias

Know what employees think and know with fun, yet effective quizzes and Trivias. Make learning and training fun!

Employee App Features

Everything your employees need in one place, where every they are.

Smart Messages

Targeted messages that reach the right employees. No more "Email blindness" due to irrelevant emails. Every employee has a personalized inbox.

Employee Personalization

We help you reach employees at the right time with the right action you should take.
Whether it's an employee's birthday or an un-happy employee, we've got your back.

Challenges & Activities

Spark engagement and positive competition between employees, branches and groups with unique in-app challenges and activities.

Team Building Activities

From outdoor and indoor activities to cross branches games, trivias and challenges.
Run engaging activities that bond and connect between team members directly inside your app.

Social Feeds

Enable employees to share moments, photos, videos and posts to private feeds and make sure all your employees are always in the loop.

Polls & Surveys

Get instant feedback from your employees.
Schedule future and recurring polls and always be in the loop and know what your workplace vibe is and how your employees feel.


Employees can view all company related events and register. Every evens is a social feed and an engaging experience with everyone involved.

Custom Content

Add any type of content to show your employees inside your app.
Add links to remove web sites that will open inside your app.
Content will update in real-time to your employees.

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