Turn ordinary company meetings and events to unique experiences.

Connect your employees together to a memorable and engaging event experience and create opportunities that reach beyond your event app.

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Platform Overview For Company Meetings and Events

Connect employees and attendees before, during and after your event.

A private social network app where attendees can connect, view information, engage and make sure they are always updated and in the loop.


Manage multiple events, guest lists and registrations in one place

We've made it super easy to create events and invite the relevant employees.
Once invited, employees and attendees are notified and can view the event information and register directly from app.
All events are saved in your private social network and employees can browse through all past and upcoming events.


The attendee experience.

Attendees can connect to the event before it even started and stay in the loop long after it ends.
We give you the tools to create memorable and engaging events with social feeds, unique activities, attendees profiles and we make sure everyone is always in the loop.

A private social feed for the event

Attendees and guests can share photos, videos, posts and moments to a private feed created for the event.

Contests, challenges and unique activities

Create contests and run challenges in your app for your attendees. Whether it's an outdoor game or a voting contest, you can do it in your event app.

Custom content and guest information

From data, time and dirving directions to custom content and external websites you can embed in your event app. Everything your attendees need is in their event app.

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Helping the very best companies create a unique and engaging workplace experience for their employees.

Platform Features

Easily invite relevant employees and manage guests lists. Employees are notified and can RSVP and register in your app. 

Private event social feed where attendees can share photos, videos, posts and also broadcast them to big screens live.

Send SMS, email and real-time push notifications to your attendees and measure the performance of your messages.

Gamified and engaging experience with unique acitivites, contests, challenges and games that can be played in your event app.

All important event information, schedule, directions, speakers and guest information is inside your app.

Create and manage custom content, pages and even add links to remote websites and URLs that will open inside your app.

Create and send polls and surveys to get instant feedback from your attendees. Make better decisions based on real-time data.

A branded experience with your own social network app for the event. Don't settle for just another "page" in a public social network.

Promote sponsors and special offers your attendees can redeem and sign up for with a click of a button from the event app.

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