Manage, measure and discover


The Leaders' Dashboard

All the tools you need to engage, communicate, connect, track and measure in real-time are ready for you in the admin dashboard.


Create a place where employees can share moments, experiences and use our built-in polls and survey creation tools to get instant feedback from your employees.
Discover how employees feel and make better decisions based on live feedback from your employees.


Internal Communications

Send targeted emails, SMS messages and in-app push notifications to your employees.
Target messages based on groups and segments and schedule future and automated delivery.
Track and measure the success and impact of sent messages.


Members Management

Manage members, view profiles and activity for each members and create custom profile fields.
Discover influencers, social involved employees and create segments and groups to help you reach the right employees.


Training & Education

Make training accessible, fun, social and gamified.
Create quizzes, polls, courses and provide employees with the information they need to succeed.
Match the right employees with the right content and track the progress of each employee.


Engagement content and activity templates

It's not just the technology or tools, it's the engagement content that matters.
Browse endless engagement activities, challenges, courses and content to run in your employee app.

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Admin Dashboard Features

Smart Messages

Send targeted messages by email, SMS and push notifications to the relevant employees and measure the success and impact of messages you send.

Employee Personalization

We help you reach employees at the right time with the right action you should take.
Whether it's an employee's birthday or an un-happy employee, we've got your back.

Smart Messages

Send messages by email, sms and push to relevant employees and measure the success and impact of each message.

Challenges & Activities

Spark engagement and positive competition between employees, branches and groups with unique in-app challenges and activities.

Team Building Activities

From outdoor and indoor activities to cross branches games, trivias and challenges.
Run engaging activities that bond and connect between team members directly inside your app.


Get data and insights to help you make better decisions. Discover influences, engaged employees and even un-happy ones. We help you get the information you need from the data you have.

Social Feeds

Enable employees to share moments, photos, videos and posts to private feeds and make sure all your employees are always in the loop.

Polls & Surveys

Get instant feedback from your employees.
Schedule future and recurring polls and always be in the loop and know what your workplace vibe is and how your employees feel.


Make your network even more personal and intimate with groups your employees can join under your main network.


Create and manage all events in one place. Turn one-time events, meetings and sessions to social and memorable experiences for attendees.

Custom Content

Add any type of content to show your employees inside your app.
Add links to remote web sites that will open inside your app.
Content will update in real-time to your employees.

Multiple Admins

Invite your team, assign additional admins and make sure you don't get all the credit just for yourself ;)

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