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Yoav is a serial entrepreneur and a super-active mentor for start-ups in Israel. He meets 30 different start-ups every month and devotes much of his time to counselling these rising stars in the start-up world. He is the CEO of the startup MyPermissions.

Entrepreneurs often arrive at crossroads of challenging decisions along the way : so many different directions that can lead to a million different results. All you have to do is to use common sense, resourcefulness and go with your gut feeling – that’s the essence of entrepreneurship. But at the same time, every entrepreneur must have a good dose of irrationality to be able to make those crazy decisions that can completely change their life!

In this lecture, Yoav shares his personal story and his entrepreneurial journey with your employees, focusing on a specific year in his life, where he underwent 4 purchase processes, received 6 investment contracts and sold his company! Through exposing his personal story, Yoav hopes to save young start-up entrepreneurs from the pain of mistakes he himself made, and to help them adopt the irrational entrepreneur’s mind to support them through the ups and downs of start-up life.

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