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Amit is a lecturer in the Psychology And The Brain department at the Open University. He holds an MA in Neuropsychology from the University of Haifa and an MA in Music Mind And Brain.

Music is used to create and amplify emotions – music stimulates us in a gym, evokes nostalgic memories, influences us as consumers and empowers romantic feelings on a date.

Amit will get your employees thinking by addressing a range of fascinating questions and help them understand : What causes music to become such a powerful tool in creating moods and emotions? What causes the goosebumps we feel during musical moments? How does the brain decode and respond to music? What substances are secreted in the brain when we listen to music? How does music serve as a key to personal memories? Is a musical brain different then a normal brain? How can music be used to change consumer behavior, increase creativity, reduce violence and even increase attractiveness?

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